Major Pentatonic: Essential Information

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Is The formula here wrong? There is no 4 in the Major Pentatonic.

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You are correct it is wrong. Good catch @rickkartes
@Richard_close2u can you have this fixed, the graphic under Formula is wrong

@rickkartes @stitch

It all looks good to me.

You may be referring to the numbers under this table:


They are not scale degrees or intervals, simply a count of the five notes in the ‘penta’ part of pentatonic.
The written description in the learn more section does make clear what is happening.

See if this is any clearer - although it is more or less a double up of the three row table in the lesson content.
Darker grey shading = wider interval spacing.
S = Semitone
T = Tone
TS = the sum of Tone & Semitone