Major Scale In 3rds

This lesson will help you create more melodic solos on guitar - playing scales in 3rds!

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I find it helps when alternately saying “skip” & “back” to find the correct note without too much calculation.


I was the same way. I tried counting by scale position and by fret number. Counting by using ‘skip’ and ‘back’ was much easier.

This exercise really drills the major scale position home. (•‿•)

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The link in the learn more section doesn’t work for me!

This link:

Interesting that finger rolling in pattern one with little finger caused the string rolled to to be slightly bent out of shape - slightly sharp? String is pushed towards direction of roll.
I’m off to hunt down the finger rolling video to see what I missed…

Hi Andy,
It’s always good to look back when something doesn’t go 100% right…but this is quite a tricky one for many people and is often a matter of even more and slower practice, the exact right placement on the string from which you going to roll is the most important thing for me anyway,… good luck and have fun,
Greetings ,Rogier

After so long of playing the whole scale in order, this takes some serious concentration and brain power!

Welcome to the community Mike. Guitar is a great way to exercise the brain. Keeps that grey matter thinking.

I’ve tried this exercise a few times already and it indeed requires some effort. I often find myself playing it in descending pairs (for want of a better word) instead of at an even tempo, so I will have to work on that aspect.

Hi, What’s the picking style for this activity? Is it just regular down - up all the way? Thanks

Hey Pete,

Once you get it under your fingers, switch to alternate ( down/up) picking. I believe Justin recommends this, perhaps not in this lesson.

Cheers, Shane

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