Major Scale Pattern 4

Learning a new pattern will give you more space to improvise all over your guitar fretboard!

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In every other pattern so far, the high e and low e have played the same notes, this makes sense to me. But in the default variation, it seems like we go out of our way to play the note that belongs on the high e string on the b string. I wonder why that is? Variation #2 makes a lot more sense to me as all it does is shift one note down to the e string, and making the two e strings the same

At the end of this lesson Justin says position 5 major scale pattern will be covered in module 7 or something like that. But I can’t find position 5 of the major scale anywhere later in the Grades. Is it there somewhere but I can’t see it? I’ve found it in the scales section and in the old major scale course but not in the current Grades

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The ultimate aim is to see one pattern right across the entire fingerboard so being locked into individual patterns is somewhat counter to this. I think Justin explains that from some of the alternative patterns for number 4 it’s easier to transition to Pattern 5. I’m currently searching for that particular lesson but I get the drift!