Make app usable on a PC (Win, Mac, and Linux)

Seems pretty clear from reading other topics about the app that a lot of ppl would sign up if they could use it from their PC (ideally Win, Mac, and Linux plz).

Any plans for this in the future?


The app is already available on PC. Just use a free emulator, such as Bluestacks, for the Android version. I’m sure there are free emulators for Apple too if you’re signed up to that version.

Afik for newer non Intel macs you can literally just install and run the phone app.

For Intel macs I think you’d be able to install xcode with the simulators and install it on one of those and run it.

For linux users, I think you can install the Android-x86 distro and it will run on that. If you don’t want to get into the dual booting stuff you can install it on an old laptop or desktop.
windows 11 now has a android emulator but is only using amazon for apps so you have to sideload the app by downloading the apk and installing it manually. can get kinda messy and not very user friendly to install.


EDIT: I guess I was wrong on the Android-x86 … I tried it and it will install and opens to the musopia logo and that’s as far as it seems to get. I recall it working on earlier versions and I tried several versions of the Android-x86 and had no luck.
Sorry about that.

I second the motion … Especially for Linux.

Thanks for the feedback, all.

I have tried using linux emulators before. They are difficult to use and highly inconsistent in their results. I don’t know about other operating systems.

I would like to see this app available, ideally, in the browser at JustinGuitar directly.

Take care, all.

I cant imagine the dev time needed for a linux specific version would be worth musitopia bothering.

A web version would be good though.

Mobile app development is incredibly intensive and expensive

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Another consideration is the payment/subscription service. Currently Google/Apple take care of that side of things. If Musopia made a web version they’d need to find another partner, or deal with it themselves. Neither would be ideal… especially when practically every person and their dog owns either an Android or Apple mobile phone.

I used the app far more on my PC via emulator than I ever did on my phone (literally 90% of the time), so I definitely think a dedicated PC version would be nice. I just can’t see it happening, due to the issues mentioned in this thread.

Incidentally, there was a PC version of a very similar app by Musopia. Four Chords Guitar Karaoke. Did the exact same thing in the exact same way, and was even endorsed by Justin for a while. Then it got pulled from Steam and disappeared, in favour of the app we now have. In other words, it seems Musopia have already done the maths and decided a PC version just isn’t worth the effort.

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I assume the microsoft store could handle payments etc for a native windows version but it does depend on how they have built the app.

On Windows sure, but not everyone has or wants a Microsoft account, especially if they aren’t using Windows. If it was a web-based app it could be accessed from any browser on any machine.

yeah which is why no one really bothers with windows native apps for the microsoft store …

You lost me. Don’t know if you’re trying to make a point or be sarcastic. :neutral_face:

The big issue is probably down to numbers.
App usage will be far higher than PC, as most people no longer use a PC.

I know from my own side business stats, over 70% of sales come via mobile platforms (aka Android/iOS). PCs are a dying thing for most people, as for most people their phone does everything they need, and a tablet negates most of the need for any kind of PC.

Not sure I had a point other than no one is going to bother making a windows version.

A web version sure but I still dont see a decent return on the effort Given what droid/mac already covers

I have a 2020 Macbook - I installed the app via the app store on here (have never used my phone or a table) and it works for me. It took me a few minutes to figure out that I needed to click and drag to be able to scroll down on the screen (rather than swiping on the trackpad). The only thing I’ve found that doesn’t work is the tuner, which makes the program crash (spinny pinwheel of doom while it is endlessly “preparing the tuner”), but for playing along with songs, it works just fine.

Strange about the tuner but I guess its not been tested much on mac.

Basically any Apple/Mx processor mac should run (phone) app store apps ok.

Hi again. Good discussion, all.

One small point. I think the death of the PC is greatly exaggerated. Almost all actual work is done on a PC, including for ppl who work at home. Home is also where most of us do our JustinGuitar lessons. The screen is bigger, the keyboard is easier to use, the sound system is whatever you want it to be, etc.

So I still think a browser-based version of the app would get a lot of new customers and be well worth the development cost. Just my opinion.



You can always use Airplay (or Android equivalent) to send the app to a TV if it’s a big screen that you’re after.

I think there’s a big difference between what people say they want and what they’ll actually put their hands in their pockets to pay for. I’d rather the development effort was concentrated on the existing app (which I do pay for)

Not sure why ppl keep suggesting workarounds. Obviously there are workarounds for everything in computer land. That’s not the point. This is a “Feature Request” section and my request is for a browser-based version of the Justin app. IMHO, many ppl would be willing to pay for that. If you don’t think so, fine, whatever. But, obviously, we’ll never know for sure unless it is created.

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A web version would be great.

You may want to add this feature request on the Musopia website. Feature Request - Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs App

Users can vote to make their favorite feature at the top of the list and this way Musopia (the app developer) knows which features are the most requested.