Make forum header fixed

Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Mods, I trust you will move this if needed and help tag the correct people.

This request is related to the community forum (discourse). Is it possible to make the forum header (shown below) always visible (fixed on the window)?

Currently, it disappears once scrolling down. In topics with 100+ replies, it’s a pain to scroll all the away up to click the search button for example. Also, many times once scrolling up and reaching the top, the header appears momentarily as new replies are loaded and then disappears again and I need to scroll all the way up again.


That does not happen for me in chrome.

The Justin logo stays, Community is replaced by the topic name and the search, hamburger and profile pic remains, as shown below.

Browser set up or maybe tablet or mobile only issue ?


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It happens to me on both desktop and mobile. But I use the same browser (not Chrome). I’ll dig into it. Obviously something wrong with my setup.


Happens to me also. I use Brave browser.

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Using Brave as well.

Just tried it with Firefox and it’s working correctly as @TheMadman_tobyjenner showed.

Looking for a solution…

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Well, I stick with Brave and yes, it’s an issue, but it doesn’t bother me. There are good scroll functions and also there is “back”. Sometimes I open in new tab or something, so I have found ways around it. I use only desktop.

Not changing a browser because of this but I’d really love to find a solution. It does bother me. Will post here if I do.

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Me neither.

I just checked this also…

On the pc using Edge, everything is “normal”.

On the iPhone using Safari it looks like this initially:

When I start to scroll down it changes to this:

One “trick” that works for me is to click/tap on the header once I’ve scrolled down in the thread & it “unscrolls”… I am back to the original post in that thread!!!
Try it!