Making Major Chord Grips Into Minors

Learn how to work out the four types of triad chords on the guitar fretboard.

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In the example using the A chord why is string 1 not played for A maj, A min and A aug (fingered on the first fret)?

I guess it’s for pedagogical reasons given that the major/minor triad shapes are covered in sets of 3 strings in the course (1/2/3, 2/3/4, 3/4/5, 4/5/6).

Hi @mike_upa and welcome to the JustinGuitar Community.
With A Aug and A dim you must have an E# and an Eb respectively.
You would definitely not want an E natural note in those two chords.
Therefore the open E strings are not played.
For consistency they are also muted for the A major and A minor even though those chords do contain the note E (which can be found in the shapes shown anyway regardless of the open strings).
Does that help?
Cheers :grinning:
Richard_close2u JustinGuitar Official Guide and Moderator

Yes, sounds reasonable, thank you!