Mal - April 2023 - Take it Easy (Eagles) + You Keep Me Hanging On (JJ Cale)

Trying out a different version.

Take It Easy

Love this song, originally a piano piece, so I played it on guitar. :smiley:

You Keep Me Hanging On


That was great! JJ Cale was a masterful troubadour sorely missed.

Youv’e done a wonderful job of presenting the feel of this song, so laid back. I must add this to my set list.

Hi Brian, agreed JJ Cale was a master of laidback. Pleased you enjoyed my effort, the sun is shining and seemed the right song to sing, thanks. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Love JJ!!! Love the Eagles!!!
Very nice choices!

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Both well played and sung. Interesting version of the Take it Easy, give me a bit of confidence to try doing something a bit different in some songs.

Such a treat, Mal. When I see you’ve posted an AVOYP, I know, I’ll hear something beautiful - and you never disappoint :smiley:.

What I’d like to ask you - do you know all the song texts by heart? It takes me quite long to learn the lyrics of new songs, and I’ve just wondered, how you are able to achieve that in such short time :thinking:.

Hi Trevor, yes go for it, sometimes I get bored with how an original song is played when covered and simply play it how I find interesting and feels good.

Thanks Nicole,

Pleased you enjoyed my laidback efforts. I enjoyed your spot o Saturday night, that was quite a debut.
To answer your question, no I do not know all of them by heart but in them playing so often they become easy to play in most situations, and some just need the odd prompt. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Very nice, Mal. I didn’t know You Keep Me Hangin On, but it was lovely. Take It Easy was completely out of left field. Wow. I thought the guitar was great, really liked it. For the vocals - I thought why are you ‘wasting’ that melody on interpreting someone else’s song, that deserves to be an original Mal!! I don’t know if you’ve written anything before, but my suggestion is to have a go at working up some lyrics for this, would love to hear it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mari, now there is a thought, may just do something with your suggestion. :smiley:
I have written songs, there are a couple somewhere on here I think.
Pleased you enjoyed my efforts, thankyou for the kind words.

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Nice Malz, :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your reply, Mal. In my case, I really have to focus my learning on the lyrics. Only playing and singing the song often, definitely helps remembering the lyrics, but normally I need a special learning session on the text, too :slightly_smiling_face: . Follow Me - the song I sang at the OM - was a nice exception, as I’ve been knowing it for 22 years already :blush:.

Terrific stuff Mal. Your original take on ‘Take It Easy’ was inspired, so different and so good. J.J. Cale numbers never fail to please too. Well done.

Ps. Super performance on Saturday evening, you and your daughter make a fantastic duo. The harmonies were great.

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Thanks Gordon, pleased you enjoyed these and the OM spot. A little envious of your evening in Dublin, love the city. :smiley:

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Superb Malc. Love your fingerpicking particularly :heart: :+1:

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Hi Mal :exclamation: Sounds realy good :exclamation: Bravo :exclamation:

Thank you Ian for your kind words. I do tend towards fingerstyle playing, I find it easier than holding a pick.

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Pleased you enjoyed my effort, thank you.

Really I love it. Good rhythm, good left hand, good singing (in tune) and with style. When you do something, there is an atmosphere. Love it. Keep on ! :grinning: :upside_down_face: :grinning: :pray:

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Luc, oh yes you will hear more from me. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. :grinning: