Mal - February 2023 - A Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan) + Dixie Chicken (Little Feat) + Willin' To (Little Feat) + 8 Days A Week (Beatles)

Thanks Gordon, yes I enjoy playing the chord progressions in this song. Pleased you enjoyed the performance.

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Thanks Eddie.

Thanks Scott, pleased you did.

Great Dylan tune and played very well! I thought your F chords were quite smooth. It looks a bit awkward-ish but you are definitely getting the changes, and you’ll find an overall smoothness as you keep practicing that change.

Blood on the Tracks is a great album, but I think Highway 61 Revisited edges that one out for my favourite Dylan Albun.

Great job! Your voice is awesome, btw.

That was great :exclamation:Good playing. In tune singing and with swing and style. Thank you Mal, enjoyed a lot :exclamation:

Hey Mal

That was really great. Also gives me encouragement in that if someone like yourself who’s playing like that yet still struggles with F, then I’m going to be okay and will eventually nip that rotten F chord in the bud. Well done!


Thanks Mari. Highway 61 is good and ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ is one of that I also enjoy playing and is a great songs, and love ‘Desolation Row’. :smiley:

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Thank you Richard, pleased you enjoyed this.

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Thanks Luc.

Thanks Cate, pleased you enjoyed it. Yes practice and practice, but it still gets me. The red light does not help. :grinning:

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Hi Mal, I enjoyed your performance very much. I haven’t heard this song for ages, what a beautiful piece of music. Absolutely well played and sung! If I saw and heard right, there were changes from F to Fm, a progression I really love. Good to see that even someone who’s playing so nicely and so long still says he has an issue with the F-Chord, that gives hope! I can play it reliably good, but changes are still to slow. Already looking forward to your next performance!

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Hi Andrea, thank you, it is a lovely song. You heard right, the progression is; C Cmaj7 C7 F Fm C G F C G C, repeated throughout. The red light does not help with playing anyway and the F Barre can be somewhat iffy whatever. Pleased you enjoyed my effort. :smiley:

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A new song for me Mal but what a nice song and I thought you did a cracking job with it. You cannot tell that you are struggling with your F barre. Very enjoyable.

Trust me, I’m practicing it daily and still cannot fathom how you’re meant to arch your first finger enough to hit the first E, avoid A, D and G then mute B & E. :woman_shrugging:

Red light? You’ve got me there. Side not: this is only my 7th week so all the technical talk is like a foreign language to me at the mo

Thanks Stefan, pleased you enjoyed it. Playing always feels worse to oneself when doing it for a recording/ audience. I am often unhappy with my F, and not for the want of practice, so am glad it did not detract. :smiley:

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Hi Helen, can I ask how long you’ve been at it? Just that the F is killing me in frustration but won’t kill my enthusiasm. I’m only 7 weeks in myself.



Cate, Red light = recording or performing even. And yes it is difficult and still a niggle. :smiley:

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Argh, learn more each day. Thank you Mal

Really nicely done Mal. I honestly couldn’t see any issue with the F barre - I was looking!