Mal - June 2022 - Take it Finger by Jackson Browne / Glen Frey

Hi all, here is a video of me playing Take it Easy by Jackson Browne and Glen Fry, any comments welcome.


Wow Mal, that was amazing! Can tell you’re really experienced.

Would have loved to be able to see more of your picking and fretting hands. Sounded like a lot was going on with the fingerstyle.

Sounded great, Mal, all those hours show.

Like, JK said, I’d like a different camera angle to see you playing and perhaps the guitar a little softer relative to the vocal.

Loved that Mal, I’d be curious to see your hands working there too. Really nice and easy style you’ve got going on :+1:

Really good Mal. I enjoyed your version of this classic song, very different from the Eagles or Jackson Browne. Well done, it’s great to hear different takes on well known songs.

Some sweet sounds in this one Mal. Loved your take on the song and that is some great playing and loved the vocals.

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Hi Mal,
Greatly played and also a nice singing voice :sunglasses: :sunglasses: … you have already spent some hours on playing :sweat_smile:, not for nothing in any case … I still have about 2.5/3 years to go for those hours quickly figured it out …
Greetings ,Rogier

Thanks Roger. Yes, all that time, but so worthwhile! :grinning: :smiley:

Hey Mal, I wonder who was playing the chords so well for you? :laughing:

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I know, when watched, I also wonder, but it is being worked on. :smiley:

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