Mal & Lara re-run One Step Up Bruce Springsteen

After seeing the video of the OM from Saturday, we decided to do a retake as our connection was breaking up and slightly annoying as we thought our performance deserved better, here it is. Hope you enjoy our effort.


Love this Springsteen track and you guys nailed it. Beautifully played and sung Mal and Lara’s voice is amazing and really added to the whole experience. Top class!

I surely did!

I just can’t say how much I enjoyed the guitar playing (ya didn’t miss a beat). + the harmonies made my eyes get wet an my ears were happy happy joy joy.

Love it!

Your song grabbed me good!
Real smooth. Both of you were in the groove for sure.

I loved your performance very much (was there ever one not to like?). Great playing and Lara’s vocals amazing as always! A pleasure to listen to both of you!

Sweet! Great version of one of the Boss’s best, and sadest songs. Thanks for sharing… :clap:

I think I’m blessed with an ability to listen past whatever crappy system I’m listening through and imagine the music the way it was played, so I was able to appreciate Saturday’s performance without noticing the breakup :smiley:
This is a much better sound, although if you are going for audio clarity, your vocals Mal, still sound as if they are breaking up a bit in the red zone to these ears. Maybe too close to the mic or turn down the mic level slightly? :thinking:
That’s all minor stuff anyway. Always good to get another dose of Daddy-daughter harmonies. Another great performance :sunglasses:

Really enjoyed this.
Not a song I’m overly familiar with but sounded great.

Oddly I don’t know the song but it was very enjoyable to listen to, especially the harmonies.

Great version!
This song suits the pair of you down to the ground, lovely to listen to.
Would only say the same as Brian , that if you’re asking about the recording quality, then I reckon it sounds like Malz’s vocal levels are peaking

Always look forward to you guys’ next one

Hi Mal and Lara, I enjoyed your performance on Saturday very much, wasn’t bothered by any sound problems at all. But what a pleasure to listen to this song again, now.
I admire your picking skills, Mal. And Lara, you’ve such a beautiful voice. Simply amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
So well done :star_struck:.

Not listened back to the recording but really enjoyed this when you performed at the OM. Always a pleasure to hear the two of you. No overall critique from me but I think Brian makes some good points on your vox Mal. Be good if you get a Vol meter on that amp and see if its clipping a bit. Position seems ok so maybe the gains a tad hot. Having said that I could listen to this all day !


What’s a vox.
Sorry if this sounds stupid but I was looking for an amp.

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Sorry Jim, it’s Latin for vocals. We’re very pretentious here :roll_eyes::rofl:

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Cheers fellas


Quod non est verum amicus meus

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Awesome… I really liked your performance. Very nice team :slight_smile:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Now that was polished, really enjoyable. Mal, your vocal was at a far better volume this time, I thought it was a bit quiet in OM.

Great sound all round guys, loved it

Thank you all for your kind words. This mixing thing for performance has a steep learning curve, one that I have clearly not mastered yet. Every time it sounds as though it is correct it turns out not as expected. But hey, we are pleased you all enjoyed this one. Thanks to @brianlarsen for pointing the vox out, it did sound alright through the monitors. next time I will listen first through my phone.


I dimly remembered this tune from a looong time ago and had to go and have a look at the original to be able to recall it well.

I saw both the performance on Saturday (in which I didn’t notice the break up in vocals) and this one. The sound is really good quality both on the guitar and both the vocals. Can’t add anything to what’s already been said in the thread but I suspect @brianlarsen is on to something with his recommendations.

I love Lara’s voice in general and the harmonies are top notch!! Hope to see many more performances/ videos from you in the future!!



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