Malzz Penny Whistle original Now with Video AVOYP

Do you share your works in public @Malz? I’d more than happy to explore more of your works, specially on the Irish whistles.

Hi Bridget, thank you for asking.
The only place presently is on my YouTube channel, Malzz Muzik and the song is the only one mentioning whistles, so far. :smiley:

Hi Mal. I didn’t pick up on this one first time around. A 60s vibe to that song with a catchy chord progression and some very poignant lyrics.
A belated well done on your original.

What a great tune Mal! Enjoyed that very much mate; has that cool Simon and Garfunkel folky vibe, with that C - CMaj7 harmony.
Impressive composition, and great vocals to match.

Cheers, Shane

That was excellent Mal! I enjoyed your playing and singing.

Hi Gordon @sairfingers thanks for the kind words.
@sclay Thanks Shane, Simon and Garfunkel ref, I can go with that.
@Boris1565, thanks Boris, pleased you enjoyed the song.

I must have missed this the first time Mal.

Lovely and very moving song!

Thanks @twistor59 Phil. What moved me to write the song was the fact that it still happens today after a time I visited London in 1967. Anyway, thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed my effort.
What is your new avatar, it looks very interesting? :smiley:

I did indeed, very emotive piece of music.

Avatar is a representation of a twistor (I used to be a twistor theorist. (You can Google it, I won’t pollute the forum by explaining :rofl:. The old one was a diagram of the particle tracks in the MEG experiment).

Oh wow, fascinating. It calls to mind, naturally, a book I am presently reading, ‘Three Body Problem’. Science fiction but has elements of quantum within. Enough for a guitar forum, but yes fascinating, thanks. :smiley:

Thanks @Malz, I’ll check your channel soon.

Great tune. Great sounding guitar. Johnny “Malz” Cash? :sunglasses: Well done!

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