Malzz Penny Whistle original Now with Video AVOYP

This is a song written after hearing an obviously homeless person playing a penny whistle. It made me think and this song is the result.

@Malz Mal, looked like you may have posted prematurely?

they have medicine for that nowadays

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Hi David, was it premature because of my name being missed? Thanks

I think the song is homeless Mal, as you forgot the link. Its awol somewhere (A64 ??) , just not in your OP. :rofl:


Thank you Toby, I was not aware of it not being visible as it showed up initially on my feed. Hope you can see it now, and I also understand what David meant. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:


Apologies Mal, I ought to have been a little more explicit in my reply. There’s a turn up for the books, me being to concise :rofl:

For some reason you also never posted it in the Originals sub-category, which threw me a little as you usually post in the appropriate place.

Yes I now realise. I have to say this site confuses me quite a lot, but then being dyslexic does have its draw backs.
What does bug me is that the Vid was on the site as I was seeing it. That being the case why was it not visible to anyone else?
Thanks for the input and being so concise, to the point of being inscrutable. :neutral_face: :smiley:

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Really enjoyed that Mal. Catchy progression with some nice melody being picked out during the strumming. Nice lyrics for an emotive subject. :+1:

Thanks Toby, shades of Streets of London, not in the same league by any stretch, but it still bothers me. Enough with the politic! :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:
Pleased you enjoyed it and could eventually see and hear.

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That was cool, Mal! :sunglasses: :+1: Great lyrics and performance! Thanks for sharing :star_struck:

Thanks Dave, pleased you enjoyed it. :smiley:

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That was very cool Mal. I really enjoyed it. Bravo!

I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but of the last couple of yours that I’ve listened to there is a fuzz when you’re singing and also sometimes on your guitar as well.

Hi Stefan, thanks, pleased you enjoyed the song.
No one has mentioned the sound. It is still a learning curve for me and sometimes it does not come out as it ought to. I will listen again, I know in a couple of places there is a little distortion, but have not noticed a ‘fuzz’ as you say. :smiley:

Hey Mal, great song. I went to check it out before you posted the video and missed it until now. Feels like a 60s kind of vibe.

Stefan is right about the fuzzy sound when you sing - I think your mic might have input gain set too high and is clipping, or something like that.

Hey JK, hope you enjoy a 60s vibe. Thanks for the input, you could well be correct. I must try it with less gain. I am not a producer as can be heard, what I require is an auto tune for levels, as it does not come out correctly when I try on my own. But then it does I think sound ok for the OMs?? :upside_down_face: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :smiley:

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Hey Mal, yeah, your OMs usually come through loud and clear, so not sure why this one didn’t.