Manchester United

Manchester United soccer team is in my neighborhood for those soccer fans from the UK. It’s quite warm out here today so hopefully everyone is okay. Just a fun fact t not related to guitar playing lol.

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Jeff @SDKissFan

USA seems a popular place for pre-season games for English teams this year. The team I support have just come back after playing three games, and I gather it was very hot. The local rivals but in a higher division are out there now.
Michael :soccer:

We’ve had some out in West Oz too this year​:+1:. Not my team though :roll_eyes:

My soccer team, The Perth Glory, has been placed in receivership which is not ideal. My football team (Australian rules) on the other hand has a guitarist play on the roof of the stadium before every game.

I am a Liverpool fan but went to see Noel Gallagher in Chicago recently and he had a Pep Guardiola cut out complete with Man City scarf on stage with him. Sorry Man U fans but Manchester is now blue I guess

I’m not someone who likes soccer, but I thought Man United was mostly a team for football fans who don’t live in the UK.




Well as Pep said, he will always be a failure as one of his 3 idols, Julia Roberts, chose to cheer Man United after all :rofl:

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Uuh… Any kind of British football (soccer) is a difficult subject here in Finland. For years and years, TV stations used to broadcast matches of British teams rather than those of Finnish teams. Accordingly, still today many people here are fans of British football clubs, instead of Finnish clubs.

Luckily, this situation has changed more or less ever since Markku Kanerva started coaching the Finnish national team and Finland qualified for the last Euros. Finns started to understand that Finnish football is not THAT bad, and now matches of Finnish clubs - say HJK for example - are broadcasted more frequently as well.

That’s interesting what you said about finland”s soccer team. San Diego is finally getting a professional soccer team next year. This game was sold out with tons of people from all over the world traveling here. Manchester UK makes me think of the Euro Trip movie…,”Scottie doesn’t know…” lol

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Go Wrexham ! :smiley:

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Wrexham won 3-1

Elliot Lee, Aaron Hayden, and Sam Dalby scored goals.

I confirm, Manchester is definitely blue and its well known that supporters of Utd are not from Manchester :slight_smile:

Fyi- I’m a City fan for 50 years and Manchester is home town.


My commiserations