Mandolin App Lessons?


ive been on Justin Guitar for eight months. Where do you begin to say thank you?

Because of this app im at a acoustic camping weekend with 40 plus musicians

Because of this app i joined an acoustic group… thanks to Tony

Because of this app i have bought an expensive, to me, Ovation guitar.

Now at this camp i saw many mandolins. My father used to play and sing, by ear. All his old homeland songs Yiddish, Russian, Polish. i “knew” i could never play. But Justin has taught me this old bird can learn new tricks.

Im getting a second hand mandolin.

Anyone know of any apps i can use to learn from?

Im not giving up guitar still going to practice as much.

Thank you in advance

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Can’t recommend an app but I do have a mandolin. They are tuned in 5ths so upside down to guitar. G,D,A,E so basicly most of the chords are upside down and so are the scales. Once you rap your head around this it’s not that difficult to learn. If you look up chord diagrams you could start playing easy songs right away.

I don’t know about an app, but there are some free online lessons here:

I have a mandolin that my father built from kit. Very fun instrument to play. You probably already know, but the mandolin’s tuning is exactly the same as a violin. Consequently, sheet music for fiddle or violin can almost always also be played on the mandolin.

Also useful:

wow thanks so much folks. Brilliant. im tuned up and ready to roll.

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