Many Live Band Cover Songs by Cagn

Those that have been around a while on here will recall our friend - Cagn On The Rocks. Alas he has not been on. I keep in touch with him and found he has joined a cover band. That band has kept him so busy, he has little time for anything else. I asked him to share some of what they are up to with me. Once I saw it, I wanted others to see it and Cagn said it was ok to post for him.

These were shot with a cell phone and the quality is not great. They are also not complete as they had to fit in an email sent to me… But I think it shows what this guy has been up to and the band is capable of!

Heart of Gold - Cover

Psycho Killer - Cover

All the best,


Looks like he’s doing great!

Please say hi and and that I dig his style! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing these shorts LB.
It is great to see our friend out & about and getting people dancing.
The last live music I recall him sharing were the Paris balcony recordings during lockdown.

I let him know you Mods were the first to comment and say hi! :slight_smile:

For those that don’t know, Cagn is the frontman with the long hair…


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He is living the dream doing what he does best. Rock’n up a good storm of music!

All the best!

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Thanks for sharing Bro, will listen later as no doubt a cranked up volume will assist these covers. Good to see Kevin is alive and kicking.

Good on you for reaching out and staying conencted, LBro. Gladdened to hear he is alive and well, rocking and rolling in a band. Thanks for sharing the clips and pass on my best if you happen to email him again

Yes I remember the Paris balcony lockdown sessions too. Seems a long time ago now!
Well done Kevin, great to see you still rockin’.

This was a wonderful surprise, thank you so much for sharing LBro!

Hey Toby,
Hope the crank up went well! Kev is maxed out with the band chores, but I think he is loving it!


I keep in touch with a lot of folks I met here. It is good to know how they are doing and sharing with them. I hope Kev checks out this thread at some point. I did send him a link!

All the best and thanks for listening!

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Just got to it after a busy week. Sounding and looking good, so not surprised he is having a ball. I remember his cover of Psycho Killer on the old forum, that was a complete balls out recording full of raw energy, one of his best. Great share LB.


Cagn sent me his posting area on Instagram. There are some videos of him playing up there and you might want to check them out!

Cagn - Live Band Vids

He said he plans to stop by and say hi!

All the best!

I took in Cagn’s Instagram site. Lots of shorts to mid range offering up there. It is wide ranging and he rocks his flat’s tennates to death! I liked this Stones number:
I can’t get no satisfaction

Rock on,

Incredible! So glad he’s out and about and entertaining everyone who is lucky enough to get the chance to hear him. Such a fun personality and awesome talent.

Yeah I keep trying to get Kevin to come back here and share with us in person. Yet he has probably learned around 100 songs in less than a year. That is my estimate mind you. His band has done tributes for say; Hendrix, Bowie and others. Each band they cover needs probably 3 sets and many songs each. A ton of learning there. Most bands have a set list and add a song or two over time. Much less is that approach.

All to say I hope Kevin gets a breather and can catch up here and on other unfinished business!

All the best,

hey everyone,

thanks so much for the nice words.
Sorry I haven’t come and participated a lot to new forum. I guess I got lost as it was different form previous one (which was simpler I think). Maybe I 'll try to come back more often.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for nice words.
I hope everyone is going ok.

I am quiting this band right now (just finishing the last few shows). We did lots of tribute show to artists : Hendrix : strokes, Bowie, stones…
It was a lot of work as a singer. Cause we played only new songs every show. So you have to learn songs, and then it’s over. A bit frustrating too to have only one shot at your setlist and then it’s done. I feel like to master a song and be really at ease playing it live it needs more practice and time.
well it was really nice experience and people of the band are really cool. But for various reasons i need to leave. There are 2 guitarists (not me anymore, excepet acoustic guitar sometimes) and two lead singers (one being me :slight_smile: ) now… so on some songs I have nothing to do haha.
I will probably search for another band. Maybe try to create a new band to play my own stuff (just want to make sure to find the right musicians first).

I am working on recordings and I hope to release some cool stuff this year.

Apart from that I am currently passing national exams to become maths teacher…
Last job was shitty again and decided to try a change. I passed the written exams.
Now I have 2 oral exams at the end of june.

Cheers to all. Really enjoyed reading your names and comments.

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Good to hear from you Kevin, you’ve been missed !

That turn around of songs sounds a right pain in the derriere with no time to settle before you learn the next lot. Can understand the frustration.

Best of luck with the exams, sounds like hard work :rofl: And be sure to share your recordings.

Take care mon amis.


Hey Kev!
Great to see you on!
The hardest part of the new to you format of this forum or community is the first time you see it. The more you see it and bump into it, the better it gets mate! So I do hope you will stop by more often now!

I have no idea how one could constantly be working on new set list material. Just the name of it; “SET LIST” means it is uh, SET. In all honesty I am surprised you lasted this long mate! All is not lost though as look at the experience you have now under your belt! You also have gained focus as to what you want to do in a new band and that is priceless!

I hope you do well in completing your Math Teaching degree. Doing both at once is quite an accomplishment, so kudos to you for sticking it out!

With your skills and talent I think you will land in, or form up a great band. Standing by for that with ears open and as Toby said, do share what you come up with in the meantime!

Be well and all the best to you!

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