March 2024 Covers - Grateful Dead Loser and Standing on the Moon

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a video, but recent conversations in the community inspired me to dig out my microphone to record my acoustic this morning. It sounded good enough that I thought I would share with you all.

This is my first time sharing a video with singing. I kept the strumming very simple partly because that is where my skill is at and also because when I try to do more strumming, I tend to drown out my vocals.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs from my favorite band.



Excellent version of a song I didn’t know. Good accompaniment and strong singing make yours’ a great performance. Your style reminded me a litle of some REM.

Is your guitar a Martin, and if yes which model? I have a Suzuki Kiso from the 70s that was a Martin clone - led to all sorts of lawsuits over breach of patent. When I think about upgrading to a cutaway electro acoustic Martin is one of the makes I look at.


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Loved it!!!
What a great song! Dont know anything about the Greatful deads :flushed:
But rhis sounded awsome!

Thanks for shearing.

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Thanks Brian!

My guitar is a Martin OOO28. When I was first looking at acoustics I was looking at the Martin GPC16e or GPC13e - both cutaways with built in electronics. I ended up splurging on mine because I am generally of the buy it once mentality and wanted something that I can have for the next 30 years. I do love my guitar but every once in a while I wish it had electronics.

One similarity between my guitar and the Martin GPCs is body depth, they are all about shallower and a bit smaller than Dreadnought guitars which make them a little quieter, a little more comfortable and definitely more couch friendly.

I’ve never played a GPC13, but I have played a GPC16e Rosewood a couple of times and I would say that it has a tone that is very similar to my OOO28 - plus access to the higher frets.

Any of the US made Martins are going to be expensive, but I think that the cost can be justified if you’re going to play it for a long time.

Thank you Tron! I appreciate your encouragement and your comments.

The Grateful Dead draws on just about every western music tradition from rock to Jazz to blues and funk, but their foundation is primarily folk. It’s all mixed together with improvisation and every time they played a song they did it differently.

They played from 1965 to 1995 (some members continue to play together till today), and I was fortunate to see several shows from 1990-94 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I know that they are not for everyone, but for me they fundamentally changed how I hear, understand, appreciate, and try to play music.

PS - My wife and I are heading to Norway next week. We’re going to Lofoten to do some skiing. Can’t wait to be in Norway!

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That was really good Rob. I didn’t know the song but your strumming really worked well with the song . I also thought your vocals were really good. Nice job!

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Thanks @Eddie_09

I think like many people here, I had no intention of singing when I started playing guitar, but eventually found that my guitar sounded pretty lonely by itself. Plus, most of my favorite songs that I like to play have great lyrics that I love too, so eventually I gave it a try. I’ve never sung in any capacity before so I know I’m still pretty rough, but I am actually starting to enjoy it.


I have to check them out. I sm pretty sure they have something i like.

What a time to go to Lofoten! Hope you get lucky with the weather, it is an amazing place! (Please take care when skiing and listen to the locals about snow conditions)

Hope you will get a great trip and the best weather that has ever been in Northern Norway :grin:

Hi Rob,
That was nice played and fantastically sung :man_bowing: :sunglasses: :clap:

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A fine job Rob! Another fun Grateful Dead song that I’ve been practicing a bit is Ripple. Your next assignment maybe?

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Fabulous, Rob, every was just right … playing, singing, quality of the recording.

Hope you’ll treat us to more of your playing and singing.

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Great job, I liked both the guitar playing and your vocals!


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That was nicely done! I like the relaxed playing and singing. It went well together.

I am totally with you in that I didn’t start playing planning to sing, but there is a lot of music that needs the singing to feel right, at least in my mind. You have put it together on this time quite well and your voice has a clearness with just a little growl.

I hope someday to do as well, but I have a long way to go with singing.

Fun that you seem to be introducing people to the Grateful Dead! In the US, that would be astounding! I am working on Brown Eyed Women (and red grenadine) because, well, we have a dusty bottle of it in the ski condo that I still partake of on occasion, so why not? I too like Ripple and want to play that someday and Box of Rain. So many!


Good one that and I thought the strumming and picking complemented your singing very well. Enjoyed it. :+1:

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Very nice Rob! We love the Dead, but I don’t recognize this song. Another one to learn, thanks!

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Outstanding performance Rob, hooked from the nicely played intro! You describe your strumming as simple on this but it actually suits the song well, and you mix it up throughout which really keeps the interest factor strong.
Vox really suits too, a terrific playing and singing AVOYP debut, big kudos to you and hope we see some more from you soon. Bravo!
:guitar: :heart: :clap:

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Thanks @tRONd We were skiing locally today to check out some new gear for our trip. Just need to get through a few more days of work. If you want to check out some acoustic Dead, listen to their album Reckoning.

Thanks for the kind words @roger_holland @DavidP @MikeSebastianP

Thanks @MichaelPFeeney I learned the chords to Ripple a couple of years ago but I found it really difficult to sing based on the lyrics being offset from the beat. I suppose I should take another look at it, and maybe I can learn to incorporate some of the melody in my guitar playing if I can’t pull off the lyrics.

Thanks @Jamolay I’m super happy to help introduce new people to the Dead.

Thanks @Notter I appreciate your comments on how the strumming worked in the context of the song. I recorded a couple more songs yesterday. I’ve been meaning to put together a Learning Log so maybe I’ll finally get around to it and post them there.

Last night I uploaded another Grateful Dead song that I recorded this weekend - Standing on the Moon.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the recording, but listening to these two songs back to back they sound pretty much the same. I need to work on some dynamics in my singing and playing!

Grateful Dead - Standing on the Moon cover (

Thank you for the wishes for good weather! We got snow on the first day followed by five days of sunshine and beautiful views. Lofoten has beautiful mountains and warm people. We had a great time!

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