March 2024, Fix You (Cold Play), Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)

Just did a short cover of Baby One More Time!! Jack black helped inspire me to do this (LOVE his version!!!) Thanks to Alykat for helping me figure stuff out!

Have not done one by myself in a bit so heres one!!! Hope you guys like it!!!

I love this song its such a beautiful song and kinda sad. (UPDATED!!)

Remastered the song and added some reverb!!


Wonderful picking!

Very nice job

Thanks guys!

I love this !!!
Great vocals, great guitar, it all flows nicely together.

You running everything into the DAW for this one?

It came out pretty good. Is your pal singing backing vox?


Thanks Aly!!! :slight_smile:

Hey man! Yeah this time im running everything into the interface! :smiley: I suppose it makes a difference than using just my mics to record! Thats both my vocals lol.

I kinda made it my own. I used a picking pattern that i adopted awhile back and never found a use for it. Guess it works pretty good in this song though!!

Bytron, sounding good. Nice laid-back feel to this one. I take that’s your falsetto??

I liked your cover a lot, the picking, strumming, singing all great. I was lucky enough to see Coldplay play live last year and I really like this song too, Susan

I am working now on my picking and strumming combinations and this level looks quite far. I thought this was excellent, really accurate and in time. I didn’t feel you were struggling with pace at any point. Well done!

Yep sure is!! :slight_smile:

Wow I bet that was great! I would love to see them!!

Thanks Boris!! I guess thats what 11 years of playing will do :slight_smile:

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Good one Byron. I really like your pick/strum on this song. Well done.

Thanks sairs for the listen!! :slight_smile:

I remastered the song and added reverb! I need to start doing this before i post my songs lol. Thanks guys!

Sweet Bytron08, Your fingerpicking is excellent! I’m not so sure about the “echo” sound for the voice, but to each their own… Also, anyway you could keep the reflection from hitting your glasses? Great guitar work and vocals though. Thanks for introducing me to that song, nice one.

Thanks Benji! Ill keep the reflection in mind! I like reverb i know some people dont but I prefer it! Thanks for commenting!!!

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