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Bought the books, kept sporadically picking up the guitar years ago. Finally this year went on a 4 day stone age experience, changed my perception of the world a touch. I now pick up the guitare every day , even if its a few chords. Moved from lesson one to five really quckly.
Stumbling on the A chord a bit but practice every day.
Mark in shropshire Uk


Hi Mark
Welcome, the Stone Age experience sounds intriguing, but glad it did the trick!

Welcome to the forum Mark

Hello Mark & welcome!

Picking up the guitar every day will make a huge difference/impact on your progress!!!
I heartily recommend a stand or wall hanger so you don’t have to take the case out, open it and pull out your guitar :guitar: . If it’s easily accessible, you can pick it up & strum a bit while you’re coffee/tea is brewing or waiting for the shower :shower: to heat up…
Good luck on your musical journey!!!

Tod in the US

Way ahead of you , it hangs behind my desk, the electric that is, made a bespoke stand for the acoustic

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Hi Mark, welcome to the group! I love your part of the world, I lived near Telford for a few years, over 30 years ago!

Sometimes you need to go back to go forward ! Welcome Mark :sunglasses:


Hi Mark,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hello Mark and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Interesting. What was that all about?

Welcome Mark. I like that you found the thing ‘that clicked’ for you and the guitar. It’s funny how our minds work. For you it was a stone age experience, for me it was watching a surf film about overcoming adversity. Yet here we both our! Here’s to you enjoying what’s ahead.

Good stuff Mark, you’re in for the long haul now it seems and good for you!! Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome Mark. hope you stick with it this time.

Great stuff, making it part of your daily life is a big step and says you are well on your way.

Welcome Mark. Make the best of it. Living by myself, I can truly prioritize access to my guitar - just turned my dining room into a music room. Who really needs a dining table anyway?

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Bonjour! MY first reply.Retired decided to learn something new…great idea!!!
Practice nearly everyday.

I’m guessing it is this…

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Thanks Craig. That sounds quite interesting.

Thats the one,

Hi Mark, Welcome.
As others have said having your guitar out and accessible works a treat glad to hear your moving forward :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, Welcome to the group.