Marshall AS50D

A friend came by this week with this amp. I thought it sounded great. It’s now discontinued. If I cannot find one used locally, can someone recommend something similar to this in sound and price? Thanks

I know nothing about what your wanting. Nor where your at.
If your anywhere near Chicago, look at the Chicago craiglist music instruments. There’s the AS50D for sale there. No price though.

Thanks. I’m in US where no new amps are available. Info states they’re discontinued. Guess some are still sold in Euro land. Wouldn’t mind a used model, but would prefer local.

Two 8” speakers plus tweeter and 50 watts. I found the sound really good especially for resales @ $250. Some of the items listed above have one 5” or 6” speaker and others were more than $1200.

I was wondering if there was something comparable from another manufacturer in terms of price and sound.

When I did a search for this item, the first listing showed they had them in stock.

Thanks for looking. It’s used which is ok, but I’d prefer to buy a resale locally. There have been quite a few used amps on Reverb as well for less. Would like to avoid the hassle if there’s an issue.

You might look at the acoustic amp options from AER and Boss. I have a Boss Acoustic Singer Live which has worked well for me.

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