Masters Of War - Bob Dylan (cover)

Hello everyone.
Here I am posting my fresh cover of that great Bob Dylan song that Clint performed here recently.
It’s unbelievable how lyrics written 60 years ago are relevant now.
Thank you Clint for reminding me about this song! I just couldn’t help but try to do it.
This time no e-guitar.
All the best,


Now there’s a new spin on a fine classic.
You shed all Mr. Zimmerman’s folkie strum ’n’ sandpaper and drag it into the next millennium… with the same message
Do you have to be careful of Big Brother watching you?
I like the interesting ‘Wurlitzer sound’ going on there and had to laugh at the water down the drain fx
Cool image
Vibes :sunglasses:

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Leo my man, as soon as the vox started I loved it and knew you had cracked it. Love the spin you have put on it, really brought it up to date. I’ll put this back on the shelf for a while, as like you after @CT covered it, it dropped into my To Do list. I thought the same as you, sixty years and nothing changed, will we ever learn ? :peace_symbol:


That was tremendous, Leo. You’ve re-interpreted this (sadly) timeless song. What a fabulous arrangement and production.

Hi Leo,
Great singing and the rest is beautiful too,well done :sunglasses: …and no …humanity as a whole has been lost for thousands of years and has only lost it more in the present.
Greetings ,Rogier

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Wow wow wow. Leo, that was terrific. Playing, vocal, production all spot on!
As for the timeless lyrics….

@brianlarsen, @TheMadman_tobyjenner, @DavidP, @roger_holland, @sairfingers,

thank you so much for the good right words.
I can only hope for situation improvement in the world and for the victory of good at the end.
In the meantime, I just have to sing the right songs… :facepunch:

Well played! I really hear your feelings and anger as you put yourself into this production.

Nice job Leo!
Was that the Gibson in there? Sounded good no matter what you used. Nice play and vox, all around. Keep them coming and all the best!


Good job Leo. Nice cover.

Really great cover Leo, your takes are always interesting to listen to as there is much to learn from your productions on how to make it all sound a bit more like a pro :grinning: keep em coming and in the meantime one can only hope world will come to terms with peace again… :v:

Wow, that’s a proper cover, really modernising the song. Loved the drums and how they escalated towards the end - kind of an alt-rock/alt-metal vibe to it.

Powerful stuff Leo. I hope your music is helping you progress through the challenges and upsets.

How very poignant Leo but you did a cracking job. Loved every minute of it. Great playing, singing and production. :sunglasses:

@jamolay, @LBro, @DobleA, @adi_mrok, @Jkahn, @batwoman, @SgtColon,
Thank you guys. Your words really help me :muscle:
@LBro, Yes, it was Gibson - my favorite guitar. I will never sell it :wink:
@batwoman, you’re absolutely right. music has been filling an increasing place in my life lately.


That’s a killer cover sir! Really well done. You captured all the emotion, rage and angst. Huge thumbs up from me!

thank you for being my influencer, sir!

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