Matching Theory Course with Main Course

Hi everyone!

I’m planning to start Justin’s music theory course along with the main course and I’m wondering wether the grade of the theory course must be the same with the grade of the main course

eg I’m on grade 3 of the main course. Should I stick to grade 3 of the theory until I move on with the main course or can I start grade 4,5 etc of the theory course regardless of the level of the main course?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

Hi Helen

Good question but they are completely separate and do not parallel each other. If you are on Grade 3 of the course material, just crack on with the PMT at whatever pace suits you. The good thing about the theory, is that it is applied and hands on. So it might in fact give you some advanced insight as you work through the Grade system,




That helped a lot, thank you!


Hi Helen, just as Toby says, dive in and enjoy the cool waters. If you need a hand just ask.
Richard :slight_smile:

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