Maton EM100C/808 Messiah (lefty)

My collection has a new crown jewel and together with Lucy the the electric she will rule the galaxy.

I tried a few shots, rekindling with my Canon camera. Somewhat blurry but I refused to use the auto setting ;). I draw and I (digitally) paint a little but I’m not a great photographer :stuck_out_tongue:

The 808 is the slightly smaller but deeper body; a typical Maton thing.
The C for for “cutaway”

This is an amazing guitar!
The pickup allows you to blend the piezo (6 seperate pickups; one under each string) and a built in microphone. The sustain keeps on going, when picking and strumming I can almost hear the definition of each different string and the bass has character without any mud. The tuners are smooth but precise and the details are all tip-top.
The ebony fingerboard and bridge and matching black headstock are so sexy; I’m a sucker for ebony fingerboards :smiley:

Can’t wait to do my first live gig with this baby!

The strap you see on the picture is a HolyCow strap I had lying around; there are custom one-offs made by a guy in the Netherlands from vintage pieces of fabric he finds.


Hi Lieven,
Happy NGD :sunglasses: :partying_face:
What a beautiful guitar and with your explanation/text it can only be that it sounds if angels are singing :star_struck: … also a beautiful guitar strap by the way,…
I wish you a lot of fun together.

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Happy NGD my friend - is there any lefty more deserving of such a delightful piece of art and craft? Make music. :sunglasses:

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Happy NGD, that is indeed a work of art! I’m also a sucker for ebony fingerboard, they are gorgeous.

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What a stunning guitar!

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Happy NGD Lieven. That is one beautiful guitar. I’m looking forward to hearing you play it especially after reading your description of the sound. If your electric is called Lucy, what are you going to call the new one, Ebony? Wish you lots of fun gigging with it.

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Enjoy your NGD, may you have many hours together making music.

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Looks stunning happy NGD!

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Happy NGD Lieven. What a beauty! Enjoy.

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Happy NGD Lieven, she is beautiful. I like how you are going to be dominating the universe. :smiley:

I’ve looked at buying the same one Justin has, as I love the sound on it but I’m not sure if I can justify spending that sort on money on a guitar at my level.


Holy Cow-straps, Batman!
If it’s a Messiah, there’s only one name you can call it… Brian!


Awesome guitar, welcome to club Maton, and what a fine example, I think that’s their premier model? The AP5 Pro pickup system is awesome, I’ve been told it’s among the best in the world.

Happy NGD :smile:


indeed, I almost always play plugged in and the definition of the guitar going through that pickup really minimizes the “weakest link of the chain” issues when amping up a sound.

Yes, going up from there and you’ll end up in the custom shop models.
Legend has it that Andy Allen gave his personal approval on this particular model though :wink:
The difference with my Fender Hellcat is stellar on all fronts.

What rests now is the responsability that weight on me: you guys expect a video demo/song whetever :stuck_out_tongue: | patience my pretties! :wink:


I am not pretty, and my patience can be limited… I will anxiously await the debut of you and your new precious. :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar:

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Anything from the back catalogue will do. No need to learn something new for us motley crew unless it’s something special :wink:

Beautiful instrument, lovely pictures, and wish you much enjoyment, Lieven.

Of course we want a video of you playing :laughing:

PS I moved your topic into the appropriate sub-category to keep things tidy :wink:

That is one very sweet lefty Lieven ! Enjoy :sunglasses:

Crown jewel indeed! What a beautiful guitar. I’ve been waiting to hear your version of Your Song for awhile, Lieven, that would be a good one to christen this one on :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lieven what a glorious guitar. Just the way you photographed the guitar tells me how much you love this instrument already and your description of the specs makes my mouth water. I’m thrilled to bits for you King Lieven.