May 2023 recordings - Fingerstyle Exercise no 9, The Phantom of the Opera

Fingerstyle Exercise no 9

Time for another weekly exercise update, this one resembles exercise no 5 but it is in fact bit more difficult.

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Classical challenge no 4

The challenge continues, this month it is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera ” (one of my favourites musicals). Bit of the digression this one, not exactly a classical piece but classic nonetheless.

I have not followed “mi” alternate fingerpicking, I could not keep up with the speed of the original. Few accidental string hits and general reflection, it would sound better on nylon stings (softer and more mellow).

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Beautiful playing. Not to familiar with the original but your version speaks for itself. Putting this on my own short list of songs to one day learn. Love the tone of your guitar. Keep up the good work man :clap:

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Really luv the Phantom of the opera. It sounds so cool in my ears. You are doing seriously well with that fingerpicking. - Really inspire me to continue training fingerpicking, even a little bit more now :joy:. Well done Radek, keep them coming please! :+1: :sunglasses:

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Tack så mycket Erik! I can only recommend to listen to or watch this longest running show on Broadway :slight_smile:. From movie adaptations “The Phantom of the Opera” (2004) directed by Joel Schumacher is pretty good.

Thank you Kim, more stuff is on the way :slight_smile: . I’m happy to hear that fingerpicking is something you would like to try, there is a segment on JG grade 1 dedicated to basic techniques.

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Nice picking Radek. That consistent bass note gives it a cool vibe like there is more than one instrument playing. Great work!

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I find this course very interesting: Folk-Fingerstyle - Also have started a little with Travis picking few days ago, but main focus is on the simple stuff for now. - I started already within first week of journey with fingerpicking, as it’s my main interest. - I am doing pretty ok already, but as you say, it is something that takes a lot of practice and time before being able to play melodies with it. - I am just starting to be able to change chords while keeping the picking going. - The reason I admire you playing so beautiful, as I know you have put a lot of time and effort into exactly that. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Excellent finger picking and clean notes, very intricate :clap: sounded great :v:

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Thank you Sandro, glad you have noticed it. This is why I wanted to try this “out of schedule”, this base note felt tempting.

Glad you already started! Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t sound all right, there will be plenty of dead notes, misplaced fingers, accidental string hits - I’m still committing these mistakes but over time there is less and less of it. Most importantly, find the songs you really want to play, this will be your main motivator :slight_smile: .

Thank you Lee :slight_smile:. I still need to work a lot on the articulation but it was fun to play nonetheless.

Nicely played Radek. Some pretty fast bits in that one. Good video production like always too.

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Thanks JK, always happy to see your comments :slight_smile:.

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That was some wonderful picking Radek. A great song and you could tell instantly what it was. Just missing Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. :+1:

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Thank you Stefan. Glad you enjoyed this little tune :slight_smile:.

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