Mayfield & Hendrix Style Fills

This lesson is an overview of the style and how it works. Following this will be some specific licks to get working into your playing!

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I’m absolutely loving this module - it’s really giving me a lot to work on with new skills that I’ve been trying to add to my playing. Right now there are two lick videos in the series posted on the Justin Guitar website, but I found a third lick video on Justin’s account on Youtube (here). Are there plans for that video to be uploaded to the website? Also, are there more lick videos floating around somewhere that I haven’t found yet?

This is an amazing module!

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It’s kind of annoying that what you show in the video is not what you show in the tab. You talk about an F chord in the video but there is no F in the tab - it’s all C chords. I am focusing on learning the tab rather than what’s in the video. Thanks.

Hello @PaulieShredsBaby and welcome to the Community.

Wow, I’m coming to this late and overdue, my apologies that you’ve not had a reply before now.
I have a vague memory of some lick lessons floating around somewhere that were not added to the site and you have just highlighted one. Thank you for the alert, I will pass it on along with your question.
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The lesson demonstrates the technique in the key of C major / A minor.
Where does Justin mention doing this in the key of F?

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| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide

@Richard_close2u Justin make reference to the F chord @ 8:50 but also does like wise for D and F# at the end of the lesson, demonstrating that the licks and patterns are linked to the CAGED chord shapes ie the E Shape and A Shape. So as in all things CAGED although the tab is related to the Key of C and the C Major pentatonic it is all transferable to any Key including F so there is no need to repeat it for all 12 possible Major Keys. It is just a matter of playing the C based tab patterns but starting with the E shaped F played at the 13th fret (which Justin demonstrates) or the A shaped F at the 8th fret (again shown in the lesson)
ie move everything to its position relative to the Key and their root in respect of the E and A shape Major chords.

Hope that clarifies and helps the OP.


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