Mazzy Star, Fade Into You cover

Hi guys,
I’ve been playing this song for probably about 15 years. Back then I was just looking up the chords online. I have tried to spice it up with an extra change and added a couple harmonica solos. Still working on it. The original has a way more polished guitar lead that I can kind of due when I play along. I guess it’s still a work in progress, but just wanted to share this recording with you all. Thanks for checking it out!


Don’t know the sung but it was nicely played and sung. Harmonica added something to the song. Rhythm sounded the same the whole song, maybe some changes would add something extra?

Thanks for checking it out skinnyt!

Nice job Benji
Fade into you is a song that is really underestimated.

A nice listen, thanks for shearing :grin:

Hey Benji
I love Mazzy Star and love (love! love! love!) this song!
You’ve done a great job with it! :clap: :sparkles:
Thank you for sharing :smiley:

Love this song and really enjoyed what you did with it, well done :v:

Thanks tRond!

Thanks Jasmine, really appreciate that!

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Thanks Chazzo!

Good job, Benji, playing two instruments really well, and singing! Wow! I like the song too.

Really nice Benji! I haven’t heard this song for a while, but I love your version! The harmonica was a really nice touch too :+1:

Thanks for checking it out pkboo!

Thanks for checking out my version Jennydye!

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A new one for me Benji but I thought it was great. Nice singing and guitar playing and I thought the harmonica really added to the track. Great stuff.

Thanks Sgt, glad I got to introduce you to one of my favorite songs. Glad you liked it!

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