MCR - Foundations of decay (does the slide noise bother you?)

I just did a short cover of the new my chemical romance song which turned out to be alright.

But I’ve just noticed there’s some sliding noises in between the power chords switches. So I was just wondering if this bothers you or if you think it sounds okay in songs like these?

I know I can just lift all my fingers off of the fretboard to prevent this from happening, but for some reason I think it sounds pretty cool sometimes.

But I just wanted to hear your opinion :slight_smile:


It’s pretty good :wink: Have you recorded this with a microphone only? I wouldn’t expect to hear the sliding noises if recorded directly into a DAW via the amp.

Nice job, Brent. In general I don’t think sliding noise on strings is a problem but I did think they were a bit too much in your recording wrt the pwr chord changes. With this sort of movement between chords I try to take the pressure off the strings as much as possible while still keeping contact to use them as a guide between chords. I think this is pretty much standard advice. Unless, of course, when a slide is intentionally musical.

Sounded good to me Brent and that was a nice bit of playing.

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Well played Brent, all the parts sounded good.

A causal listener may hear the string squeak but might not recognise it for what it was. And from that perspective I never found it distracting.

A guitarist listening closely would hear it and know what it was. Then it comes down to taste and context of the song. My personal opinion in this song, I’d work to lift off more in the PC changes and reduce, even eliminate it.

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