MC's random learning recordings

Time for the thread where the random recordings go.

After last nights issues, here’s a full run through of Johnny Cash’s hurt-

Couple mistakes, and I’m aware I’m getting slightly ahead of the metronome in places, but I’m largely happy with it.
This was re-inspired by Paul David’s video on the beauty of the song ( The Hidden Beauty of Johnny Cash’s HURT - YouTube), and although I’ve not implemented anything mentioned in that video yet, it’s something I’m wanting to try, but I need to watch the video again and take some notes.

And then since I opted for the humbuckers tonight, the Brown Eyed Girl intro has been playing on my mind to see if I could actually record it without any major stumbles-

It did take a few attempts, but I’m largely happy with that take.

I’m now not sure what song I’d like to record next, but I’m sure I’ll find something.


Hey Moray, that’s sounding really cool :sunglasses:
I can’t pick up the timing problems you allude to but love the rich tone on your guitar.
Nice the way you build it up as it progresses :smiley:
I’m not sure I’d call it “a full run through of Johnny Cash’s hurt” at 1 1/2 minutes, but that’s probably because I’m greedy and would like to hear more of it :laughing:
Will you be treating us to vocals as well at some point?
I might be back later for the Brown Eyes, as I’m not a great fan of Mr. Morrison (yet :wink:)


You won’t notice the timing issues unless you add a beat/click track to it, but I’m aware I have a habit of speeding up in the chorus and getting noticeably ahead of the beat, so then need to slow down to get back on the beat.

I’ll have to check that time. I followed the JG TAB, and there is a good possibility I missed a bar or two, but I’m not sure why it’s as short. I’ll have to listen back and check that at some point.

I can accept Van Morrison probably isn’t too everyone’s taste, but I do like BEG. The intro riff is one that on the surface appears so simple, but can be quite problematic to play.

Both sounded good, Moray, you’re making progress.

On Hurt and the time, the shortness is due to you playing just verse 1 and the chorus. There’s a second verse, chorus and an outro.

The BEG intro riff sounded fast compared to the strumming at the end. Playing with drums or a metronome is a good idea to develop steady rhythm on the beat and maintaining even tempo

Just listened, and you are correct.
I’ll have to check the recording when I get home later, as I definitely played the full song, and watched the final chord taper of in Live.

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It’s a good exercise to play the whole song, but can be a little harder for the listener if there is no change in the playing style or no variation with other instrumentation/vocals to mix things up.
I was being a bit facetious in my initial comment :wink:


That was excellent Moray.

So it appears I some how only exported the first 36 and a bit bars of the track :man_shrugging:

I’ve re-exported and checked I managed to get the full length this time, and have edited the first post with the full recording.

Since I wanted to record at least something decent, here’s a bit Reality by Lost Frequencies-

It’s only a short section, as the strumming is the same all the way through the song.

The other songs I’m working on, one I’m struggling to get the right rhythm/strumming pattern locked in, one is just too rough, and the other song I’m looking at, I can’t find the TAB that I bought a few years ago, as I still need to work on a triad section of it :confused:

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In the spirit of making sure I regularly record something, here’s a couple more.

Some Jake Bugg Lightning Bolt.
I’m struggling to get the combination of chord changes and strumming pattern up to speed on this. This is at full tempo, and is a bit messy in places, but I’m starting to feel comfortable at that speed, and am starting to get in the flow a bit better.

And here’s John Mayer’s intro to Free Fallin’-

This was the last recording I’d uploaded to my Soundcloud before my extended break, so thought I’d make sure I can still play it.

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Some nice playing there Moray and I didn’t notice timing issues but then I didn’t have a metronome.

Do you play along with the originals when you can?

Occasionally I play along, but I mostly practise with either a metronome or basic drums.

Now that I’m back at work, practise time has been reduced, but here’s a quick recording of the basics of Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men -

I should have added a beat to it as I’m still struggling chasing the beat, given the high tempo (205BPM), but I’ve still not worked out a simple way adding a drum/click track to the mix.
I’d say this isn’t really a song for playing just to a basic click track, and is more a go with the flow and sing, or practise a lot with a more suitable drum track.

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That is sounding really good Moray. It is a great song and I thought your version is coming along nicely.

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