Me, trying to learn old school punk

Working on the old school Working on the old school punk…


Sounding good Jim, very punk. I guess you were doing everything right but I couldn’t see. :smiley:

Sounded punk to me although I couldn’t really make out the vocal.

Sounds great!
Love the shirt!!!

Hi Jim,

Sounds brill. Great energy.
Raw and in your face - the way it should be.


Thank you Digger - that was what I was feeling at that moment!

Thank you Rene - Target Burbank, $7.00! I’m a sucker for a deal on anything awesome!

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I was trying to do All This And More by the Dead Boys. I agree - I watched the video and I can’t even understand WTH I’m singing! Had a blast doing though. 8)

Thank you Sarge - appreciate the complement!!!

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