Memorizing stuck 3&4 chords

I have completed module 8 and am wanting to move onto the next module but I have not confidently memorized all of the new stuck 3&4 chords. Because they were introduced all at once, I got a bit flustered. I can play them and maneuver my fingers fine. It is just that I don’t instantly know where to place my fingers for D ADD 11/F# like I know D, for instance. It just isn’t as easy to remember that alphabet soup for me.

How imperative do you all feel it is to have memorized these chords before moving to the next lesson? I feel like I am stagnating on this part but don’t want to move too fast either.



Richard @Rqualls
I am sure Justin says somewhere in the lesson near the end that you only really need to concentrate and play them proficiently when you need to use them in a song. At least that’s how I approached it.
I am learning George Ezra’s Green Green Grass, chords G Em C D with a lot of changes half way through a bar, so works well getting used to stuck chords.


That’s been my approach as well. I just used them in Wish You Were Here, (and dabbled with Wonderwall a bit as well).

Didn’t memorize the alphabet soup proper chord names either…just think of them as “G stuck34”, etc.

Hasn’t hurt my progress in any way, as far as I can tell.


Ok, sounds like I am off to the next module then. Thank you so much for helping!

If you can play the Wonderwall chord progression 10 times to a metronome running at least 70bpm, I’d say you’re fine. There is no need to remember the full chord names unless you want to.

Remembering the chord shapes is important. As long as you remember which one is a G, C, D variation, you’re good :+1:


Cool. Thank you

All those songs you learned with some or all of G, Em, C, D … go back to revisit them with a stuck 3&4 approach. They can be part of your song repertoire practice as your lesson learning progresses.


Hi Rqualls.
I had the same problems with stuck chords. For me really concentrating on a song using them helped a lot. Specifically Wonderwall.