Mercurial Thoughts

Thank you so much for your thoughts, your direction and just generally being a great human.

I like what we created thus far. The cake isn’t fully baked yet but I can’t wait to taste it.

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There’s nothing I want more than to tear out someone’s soul and swing it around in circles by the arms :grinning:

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Hello Dom, oh wow, what a great song :star_struck:.
Generally, I feel a lot of respect for everybody, who is writing/producing own songs. This involves so many different skills. It’s so much more than ‘just’ playing guitar.
Besides all that, I enjoyed this particular song very much. I love the atmosphere it creates.
The video fits well to the song - I really like the colours (and the Scottish? landscape) :blush:.
In the beginning, I also wondered, whether a bridge could add positively to the song. But I’m not convinced. You added some dynamics with your voice - I like that very much.

I think, you can really be proud of this song. It’s an absolute pleasure listening and watching it :smiley:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your lovely encouragement. The scenery is all from Ireland other than the urban image at the start. Thanks to guru @brianlarsen for the suggestion of the video. My first.

When you mentioned the bridge, I thought you meant the one in the video but I get you now :grinning:

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Really well done on your first video :+1::clap:.
Okay, Ireland - there are definitely similarities with the Scottish landscape :blush:.

Aww, thanks Dom :smiley:
(but you’re making me homesick :cry:)
I’ve always been a visual guy and some of my favourite pieces of music are soundtracks. The other ones all have visualizations in my head.
I thought your new package worked really well and I much preferred it. I think the biggest payoff will come from your willingness/ability to be open to revisit and incorporate new ideas/suggestions. I know I sometimes feel ‘I did what I wanted (or as best I could)’ and just leave things like that.

You’re a creative guy and should grab that muse when it comes, for your own sake primarily. But it’s always good to share with those you think might be interested too :smiley:
Keep it up.

Wonderful stuff Dom. I thought it was a great song and I preferred the second version over the first, it sounded a lot more professional.