Merry Christmas all

Merry Christmas to all.

This part maybe more focus to online lesson:

I’m wondering my next steps, am life busy so when I play it more stress relief more than practice :joy:

My talent music talent i think around -50% there again I can pick most of happy birthday to me, well getting there.
My rhythm sucks trying to count 1 2 3 4 then it like 1 2 & 2 & 5 & 3. My A major open chord always sound like a well nothing to do with it :angry:

I can go strumming lessons, just not sure how that go with Justin new lessons, or do I do a online lesson?
Never done a lesson never mind online, I just don’t understand I love music, rhythm is key and it bores me trying, i think because I fail or I think I fail…?
I think I need one to one but I’m unsure with online, ok good the teacher can’t hit you round the head with his guitar but that maybe needed in my chase :joy:

Thing with online how hard it going to be to get going?

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Not hard just follow the bouncy ball take your time and be honest with yourself. Especially if this is also a destresser really really take your time and enjoy what your are doing and learning. People set unrealistic goals and try to learn too much too fast. Even going through Justin’s lessons they approach it as a tick box exercises and never grasp the fundementals,

So go to the website, start at Grade 1 Module 1 Lesson 1 and work your way up to where you are right now, even if its not far. Then start there and stay on the path.

That’s all you’ve got to do !

Merry Christmas. :santa: :christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas!

It sounds like you are in a good place with guitar. You know what you can do well and you know what doesn’t work. My advice: relax and enjoy the process. Get the rough spots polished before you move on. If you find yourself struggling just try to enjoy the feeling and the sound of the guitar in your hands.


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