Mersey Supermoon

I brought my visiting daughter and her boyfriend to support a local band in a neighbouring village last night. Even more enjoyable evening than I expected, as I found out one of my good friends, Nick was playing fiddle for them :smiley:

Jimmy Rae has been on the music circuit for four decades, watching all his Liverpool stablemates like OMD, Echo & The Bunnymen, Frankie etc. hit the big time. He did reach 188 in the charts for a week in the 80s, but alas the big time never happened for him (apart from his gig in my Livingroom :rofl:)
They played Under the Mersey Moon as an encore, which makes me feel I’ve settled right into Scouse culture :smiley:
Here’s a photo of four characters, all of whom I knew, but never knew they were connected till this happened:

Under the mersey-moon

Local artist Jim Flemming (a friend of Jimmy’s) painted a mural depicting the themes on a wall inside the City Café in the center of Liverpool. My next door neighbour, Ken, owned and ran the café. They’re joined here for the launch by the legendary Billy Butler from BBC Radio Merseyside, who I pestered a number of times when I was running a local art fair in the park across my road from where I live.
Nice tune as well :smiley:


Hi Brian
Those unexpected things are the nicest evenings of the year :sunglasses:, very nice to read and see, but my dear mother stop shaking the camera …my poor tired eyes when I want to look intently :grin:
Tripot tripot tripot alway bring a tripot to a bar :laughing: