Messin’ with a thrill that’s gone

I surely am … the Gmaj7 and F#7 enough to scare me off …

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Think open D7 played with fingers 2 3 4. Barre the 10 and 9 with your index. You could actually mute the e string. Not so bad if you think about the shape. :sunglasses:


Precisely the kind of reward this lab rat hopes to receive when he clicks that big ol’ play button under your ugly mug :smiley:
I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m neither a blues brother nor particularly into lead guitar, although appreciate both when they serve the song- and you deliver the whole package here, Sir Sore Fingers.
Top notch on all fronts.
Bravo! :sunglasses:


Wow, this is very good. I’m not sure how long you’ve played or anything but you should be really proud of this. And the vocals are good too

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Got better and better as it went on. Solo was excellent. Gotta look into this :slight_smile: Looked like fun!

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Thanks so much for the kind words Maggie. Much appreciated.

Yes you’re right Richard. Singing and playing a basic rhythm prior to playing the improv gets the groove set. Also when it’s a slow Blues you’ve got time to think about the first note of the solo and get your fingers on it.
That was not the case with I’m a Believer where I finished a strum and tried to hit the first solo note on the same beat. And we know how that went. :woozy_face:
Thanks for the listen and support.

Well I really must find out how to edit videos Rogier. :smiley:
Yes I’ve seen that jam along track but I thought I’d make up my own as I can then start and stop it more easily using the Trio+ footswitch.
Thanks for listening and commenting.


Thanks for taking time to listen and comment Robert. I’m pleased you enjoyed my take on this classic blues.

Thanks Darrell. I appreciate the listen and comment. You say you thought my guitar volume was a bit high. Well my excuse is that my lo-tech approach means my levels for vocal, guitar and backing track are all a bit hit or miss. :smiley:

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Know what you mean, I never really got down to learning to use a DAW setup, I had a few tries but it brain frazzled me :joy::joy::joy:

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Given your tastes Brian, I appreciate your kind comments and support even more. :smiley:

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@lewis2025 @MiJoy
Thanks for the listen and the supportive comments guys. Yes, you should give the improv stuff a go, it’s great fun. Once you’ve learned a minor pentatonic scale you’re good to go.

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The thrill is right here. The one man blues band.

Amazing what a rhythm and chord progression adds to a lead line. Massive contrast to your other video where the lead line was isolated.

You absolutely killed it Gordon! If you hadn’t mentioned that it was your own solo, I would’ve just assumed it was part of the original since this was the first time that I’ve heard this tune.
The performance was all class, really enjoyable.

Cracking stuff Gordon. Playing, gooooood, singing, goooooood, unedited video, goooooood. That was an all round sweet treat.

Thanks for taking time to listen and comment guys. As always it’s much appreciated.

One man blues band. I love it. You’re right JK the solo lead sounds a lot better with a backing rhythm. It helps with the timing too.

Glad you liked my solo Sandro. Not a patch on the original however. It’s probably BB King’s most famous song.
Another one worth checking out is Joe Bonamassa’s version.

Thanks Stefan. An all round sweet treat! Well, if you insist!

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Love the SG.

That was awesome sairs. This makes me wanna learn this song eventually. Could you post the backtrack that you used. I love the lyrics to this song also. Blues is in my soul haha. Thanks sairs I really enjoyed it!

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Man, Gordon, I’ve missed a lot this year.
I really really dug your take on this song. And that SG is sounding great. Wowser!!! Great lead work too. I hope you’ll do more like this.

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Thanks for the listen and support Byron. The original is a Blues classic.

I’m afraid I can’t send you the backing track as I made it up myself.
The backing bass/drum was created on the Trio+ using a basic strum pattern with capo on fret 2 and Am, Dm, Fmaj7, E7. (shapes)
I then overlaid that track with a rhythm loop using the same chord shapes and emphasising beats 2 and 4.
For the ‘live’ rhythm I removed the capo and played Bm, Em, Gmaj7 (x 10 12 11 12 10), F#7 (x 9 11 9 11 9).

Hi Dave. Yes, there is so much content on the new community site that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.

Thanks so much for the listen and I’m pleased you enjoyed my take on the song. As for the SG tone I used the neck pickup with the tone knob almost off. The amp was set at a clean setting with a little gain and some reverb. (wow, sounds like I know what I’m talking about!) :smile:

Awesome stuff Gordon.
Really enjoyed your solos.
Well played and sung.

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