Messin’ with a thrill that’s gone

This is a work in progress that I started working on this afternoon.

I know there are lots of lessons out there on this song, including Justin’s, but I wanted to work away at it myself.

The solo isn’t intended to be anything like BB’s. It’s my own.
Backing done on Trio+.

Please excuse the bit at the end , I didn’t switch off the camera and I haven’t worked out how to edit videos!


I wasn’t expecting that Gordon. I was not expecting the vocals. The last post you said you wanted to have a break from strum-a-dum-dum songs. Well mission accomplished, that was some great playing and vocals. Beyond my play grade to give any meaningful feedback. So I will leave it as bravo…well done.

P.S. the ending was cracking.

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The thrill ain’t gone nowhere ! Its right here right now.

That may be work in progress but that was great start Gordon, who says we have be cover clones. Thought you made it your own and it worked. The solo lines worked well over the progression, with some nice phrases and lick. Definitely one worth polishing, so absolutely no critique at this stage. Looking forward to how this moves one. Good share my friend.


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A nice take on this one I like it! I’m working on the solo intro myself, you’ve provided me some inspiration to try to mix it up a little.

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well done, thanks for sharing

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That was great Gordon

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Very well done Gordon. Really enjoyed that mate. Some nice work on the solo part too - good phrasing, and hanging on the sweet notes over the chords. Sounded good to my ears mate.

Cheers, Shane.

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You’ve got the heart of the blues, Gordon, I loved it. Nice use of that Trio+ too, thanks for putting it back on my GAS radar lol.

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Wow that was superb Gordon, this song really well matched your voice and overall was a great step forward in your play, definitely not a typical A D E strum a dum song here! Your impros are really getting there, you definitely have a good sense of music, only thing I would consider is learning a couple of not too difficult solos from some songs you like as my personal opinion is that we learn best from stuff we like and get inspired by :slight_smile: all the best!

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Gordon, what a thrilling project. Your band sounded good, you nailed the rhythm and lead, and delivered a vocal full of feeling. Lots and lots and lots to love. You’ve definitely graduated and been promoted to the A class!

Just one question, my ears should answer but hey ho, what chords where you using for the bits away from the Bm and Em? When I looked at Justin’s lesson those chords looked pretty awkward, puts me off a bit, so am wondering if you simplified. If you did it still sounded good to me.

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Inventive, musical, in the groove and very appealing Gordon. Well done.

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Super stuff Gordon, chording & singing then improvising is a great idea here as you are in a groove and have a feel for the song before you need to get creative on your widdly bit.

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Hi Gordon,
:sunglasses: :clap:
I especially love that ending :wink:… It’s just nice to see if you’re not the only one who sometimes has some problems with the technique etc,… :joy:

BB-king style jam play along
I use this one for when i just play along in this style and I’m not trying to imitate the solo the last few weeks now and then…

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:joy: The last time I tried to edit a video I permanently deleted the main part and was left with the bit I didn’t want!
Thanks for the listen James. Much appreciated.

Hi Toby. That was my thinking too, although the cynic in me knows I could never do a proper ‘cover’ especially as on his YouTube clips BB’s often backed up by Eric Clapton et al, so doing my own thing gives me plenty scope.
It’ll be interesting to see if the YouTube bots pick it up!
Thanks for the ongoing support and I’m pleased you thought the solo lines worked.

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Glad I’ve given you some inspiration Leon. Can’t say better than that, it’s what the Community is all about. Perhaps you’ll post your intro solo when it’s ready.

@tony @prbushe
Thanks for the listen and comments guys. Much appreciated.

Gordon, that was great! Your timing and feel were spot on and your solo fit well with your groove. The tone was also where it needed to be. Pretty impressive for something you just started on.

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Excellent playing and singing Gordon, if there was anything I could be picky about it’s that the volume of your guitar was a bit loud but apart from that pretty much ACE :clap::clap::clap:

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Hi guys. Thanks for taking time to listen and comment. Much appreciated as always.

Thanks Shane. Glad you thought the guitar phrasing was good and that I was hitting the chord notes. The vocal phrasing of that song is wide open to interpretation but that can also make it difficult as you lose track of the timing.

Thanks Mari. I’m pleased you liked my version of the song. Yes I remember you saying quite a while back that you fancied a Trio+. It’s a great pedal and fun to mess around with and you can achieve a pretty good bass/drum backing track quite quickly once you get the hang of it. And of course it’s got a looper too. It’s a bit expensive compared to some other pedals but it’s a quality item and worth it I think.

Glad you think my improvs are improving Adrian. I wasn’t so sure that my voice was up to the song. I’ve not got a blues tone. I’d need to start smoking I think!
I still like the strum a dum stuff so you’ve not heard the last of them. :smile:


Hi David
Thanks for the listen an support. Always appreciated. Promoted to the A class……praise indeed. As I said to Adrian I’m not sure about my Blues vocal tones but thanks for saying you thought they had feeling.

Now as for the chords. I know how much you enjoy detail.
The backing bass/drum was created on the Trio+ using a basic strum pattern with capo on fret 2 and Am, Dm, Fmaj7, E7. (shapes)
I then overlaid that track with a rhythm loop using the same chord shapes and emphasising beats 2 and 4.
For the ‘live’ rhythm I removed the capo and played Bm, Em, Gmaj7 (x 10 12 11 12 10), F#7 (x 9 11 9 11 9). Those last two chords were new to me (in barre chord format) but the way I played the song meant the change to the Gmaj7 was slow so I had time to think and the the change to F#7 only involves sliding down one fret and removing one finger.

Hope you’re impressed by all that. I certainly am. :rofl:
As for video editing…….:woozy_face:

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