Metal123 learning log


I learned basic chords long time ago. Those are A, E, D, A min, D, min, E min, C ang G chords. I learned them with thumb on top of the neck. Justin teaches us that we should place thumb behind neck while we play basic chords to develop muscles, that we need to be able to play barre chords. I know 9 barre chords. Where should I put my thumb? He puts thumb on top of the neck. I learned traditional A chord with thumb on top.

When I discovered this web page, I learned A, E and D chords with thumb behind neck. Should I learn other 5 chords with thumb behind neck, or skip it and play them with thumb on top? it will be hard to mix first 3 chords A, E and D where thumb is behind neck, and other chords are with thumb on top.

I think Justin teaches the chords first with the thumb behind the neck and later on as the modules progress he puts the thumb over.
I’m not a teacher so I can’t advise.
I put the thumb wherever ot feels comfortable for each chord (or chord sequence).

Maybe I should just do it like he does in videos. if he does that way in videos, it is now wrong. I will watch tutorial by other people too.

EDIT: I will repeat chord changes in first 2 modules to see how it works with thumb over .

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I still can’t decide where should I place my thumb when I open chords from grade 1 and probably other grades. Is there any video when Justin says when we should stop playing chords with thumb behind neck and in what module is it?

I will not give up. I will learn riffs and strum patterns from grade 1 and skip chords and songs until I figure this out.

I think that’s the best way to not figure it out.

If you use the search button you’ll find multiple threads here about thumb position.

Hi, everybody.

Yesterday I started module 3 officially. In fact I learned 2 strum patterns from module 3, in January, when I had blister on index finger. Those are D DUD D and D DUDUD. Yesterday i started to learn new strum pattern that Justin mention in last video of module 3. It is D D DUD . I am not sure, if it is Easter egg for those that do not skip videos.

My routine for module 3 is:

  1. Tune your guitar
  2. Am 1 min +
  3. Em 1 min +
  4. Technique - One Minute Changes Am to E 138 | 140
  5. Technique - One Minute Changes Em to D 144 | 148
  6. Technique - One Minute Changes Am to Em 156 | 168
  7. Technique - Anchor Finger E, A & D Chords 2min +
  8. DUDUDUDU 5min +
  9. D DUD D 5min +
  10. D DUDUD 5min +
  11. D D DUD 5 min +
  12. 7 nation 2 min + ( 4 min )
  13. song 10 min ( Ed Sheeran - Sing lasts 4:37) play it 3 times with different strum patterns. +++

It seems like that I can change chords fast. Seven nation riff is easy.

I increased amount of time for strum patterns, because I want to learn them well. Justin says that we should be able to play them at any tempo, while we talk and while we are distracted.

Is my routine for this module good? Should I change something? Should I play anything from previous modules? I play Peter Gunn theme, and two songs from previous modules.

If you can already play the chords, then I would definitely not relearn them using a different position of the thumb. Most everybody who has played for a while (except classical players and the occasional exception) plays open chords with the thumb high on the back of the neck, including Justin. This is especially true for you, since you already play barre chords.

Regarding your question about Dmin, I think it’s generally considered that either way (with 3rd or 4th finger) is fine.