Metal123 learning log

Hi. I decided to start my learning log. I am at module 2. I learned all lessons from modules 0, 1 and 2, except playing with fingers. I was always playing with a pick. Because of it, I strum with a thumb, when I do not strum with the pick. Later I will start to learn other ways to strum with fingers. I also know some songs, exercies for alternate picking and down picking and some barre chords. When I do not play those barre chords, down and alternate picking and songs, I play lessons from module 1 and 2. It takes a lot of time. Maybe I made mistake because I play A, E, and D chords 5 minutes each and also changes between chords with anchor fingers 5 minutes. It takes a lot of time. And what will happen when I learn lessons from module 3, 4 etc? I will need 2 hours to finish all exercies for multiple modules, because I will have to add new exercies to those that I already know? That will be impossible after many modules. Can somebody tell me how to learn guitar on this web page? And how to make everything shorter? I want to spend more time playing songs and less doing exercies.

This is how I keep knowledge from module 1 and 2:
module 1

  1. D chord 5 min
  2. A chord 5 min
  3. Anchor fingers A & D - 5 min
  4. One Minute Changes A to D 136 | 128 | 144
  5. One Minute Changes D to A 124 | 128 | 152
  6. Strum on 1 - 5 min
  7. Mavericks - 3 times

module 2
8) E chord 5 min
9) Anchor fingers A & E 5 min
10) Anchor fingers E & D 5 min
11) One Minute Changes A to E 116 | 120 | 120
12) One Minute Changes E to A 110 | 118 | 136
13) One Minute Changes D to E 106 | 110 | 100
14) One Minute Changes E to D 120 | 140 | 126
15) Peter Gunn Theme
16) Elvis Presley - Hound Dog - 3 times at least
17) Strum on 1 2 3 4 with metronome - 5 min
18) Listen to music and tap foot

module 1 and 2:
23. 12. 2023.
24. 12. 2023.
26. 12. 2023.

Edit: Can somebody make these routines shorter, but not less effective?


So my opinion is that 5 minutes is a long time practicing single chords. Once you’ve basically got them I might strum them a few times each and get on with playing songs that use them. If when you play the songs you’re not hitting the chords cleanly then practice them a little more.
Same with the chord changes, once you’re proficient enough with them, then you don’t need to do the chord change exercises and play songs, only focus on any that you find you’re messing up.

My advice: use the routine given on the homepage.
I practiced the following:

Chord perfect:
E 2 minutes
A and D 1 minute

One minute changes (and really only 1 minute):
A to D
E to A
E to D

Peter Gunn theme one to two minutes depending on how much fun I had

Song or songs you like.

I practiced the songs with another app and did
I have a dream by ABBA
Chasing cars by snow patrol

I still stick mostly to the routine given on the homepage but I add more one minute changes (those I really struggle with)

The chord changes and chord perfect practice is good but if you do it for too long it gets boring and you also practice them when you’re playing a song. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you’ll get better with time.
I’m now in module 5 and I still struggle with all changes when I learn a new song. I guess that’s normal but playing and practicing is still fun and I think that’s how it should be

P.S.: your one minute changes are a lot better than mine I still only get to 60 max

What a perfect opportunity for me!! I am heading down the teaching path and am coming up with a “Super Beginners” learning package based on JG Community teachers.

Only in the beginnings, I would have a questionnaire for my students and get some info. However, It is still in the beginning phases. So I’ll have to skip that for now.

I would tend to agree that 5 mins for some of your routine is a bit too long.

I would cut your A chord, D chord and E chord practice down to 3 mins. That will be more than sufficient with your other OMC’s and a new one I would like to bring to the board as well. PFC’s, Perfect fast changes. This exercise is still sooooo valuable to me I believe Justin should teach it earlier. So I have put that in the super beginning phases.

The link

Drop the anchor fingers practice all together. Put in the perfect fast changes in it’s place. You can easily practice this as your doing you PFC’S. I go with 2 mins and if I can hit that 70 to 80 times in that time period I no longer need to practice that and drop it from practice. For OMC’s if you can hit 40 or more in that time frame, there is no need to practice that anymore either. That chances of making that many chords changes on a song is non existent. Unless you just like the sound of it?? Lol. Then by all means have at it! But I believe you are wasting your time to progress.

For your strumming on 1 and on 1,2,3 and 4, I would pick a few songs that you can handle. Easy chord changes that you know and practice to a real song. This would count as both practice and playing songs. Although I put it down as song practice. U-tube, Spotify or something of the likes is what I use. If you have access to Justin’s beginners app, this is an excellent place for doing this basic beginners journey! You can turn the tempo down if it’s too fast. Not only that, but now you are playing songs as well as practicing! What could be better?

As a note, for every half hour of practice, I will play songs for at least an hour. Practice perfectly is important, but having fun is all well!! The advice I got, was this exactly. That’s what we are here for is it not? To play songs!!! Play songs, play songs, play songs!!! Rhythm, rhythm, and more rhythm. Very important.

On another quick note. When you are practicing strumming, playing songs or practicing. Keep mindful of where your stress points are, In the shoulders, arms, legs, neck and or cheeks. Identify the stress points, relax as much as possible and start strumming. Stress in any area can make you playing sound jerky or otherwise set you off rhythm, play too hard or too light. There are a few things that will effect your playing because of this stress.

The rest seems to be in good fashion. To really get a handle on it all I would have to sit down with ya.

Hope this helps. If any Approved teachers see a flaw or something I am sending guitarists on the wrong path. Please let me know. Thank you in advance

Rock on! :sunglasses::love_you_gesture::+1:

Thank you. Happy new Year. Best wishes in 2024. I decreased time for chords from 5 minutes to 3 . I will share my practiqe in comment below all posts. I need your opinion how can I improve it.

Thank you for you reply. Happy New Year.
Stress points are where it hurts after long playing? I am right handed. I play electric guitar, mostly while I stand up. Strap is over my left shoulder. Sometimes my left shoulder hurts. Then I play guitar while I sit on couch, next few day, until it stops to hurt.

Sometimes my pinky hurts, after playing barre chords. I play one barre chord 5 minutes. Now I know 9 and I learn 10th barre chord. One of them I play 10 minutes, it is A7, because I play it on different positions from 1st till 10th fret 5 minutes, then on 11, 12 and 13 frets 5 minutes too, because fret are small and it feels like different chord, because my fingers are too close at those positions.

Thank you for advice. Happy New Year. best wishes in 2024.

I will play A, D and E chords 3 minutes for some time, After it I will probably decrease time for them. Also I will play one minute changes, one minute. But I noticed that When I do them 2 times, second time I become much faster.

Do you play Peter Gunn with audio? Do it with song, because, it will improve your timing.

My maximum on chord changes was 174 yesterday. Just play and you will change chords faster. I started to learn guitar 23 years ago. But I never had teacher. I was learning song and what ever I wanted to learn without much order. I made many pauses too.

My practiqe looks like this now:

  1. D chord 3 min
  2. A chord 3 min
  3. Anchor fingers A & D - 2 min
  4. One Minute Changes A to D 136 | 128 | 144 | 130 | 134 || 138 | 158
  5. One Minute Changes D to A 124 | 128 | 152 | 152 | 144 || 144 | 152
  6. Mavericks - 3 times ( first time only 1, second 1234, 3rd time D-DU-UDU pattern)

module 2
7) E chord 3 min
8) Anchor fingers A & E 2 min
9) Anchor fingers E & D 2 min
10) One Minute Changes A to E 116 | 120 | 120 | 136 | 134 || 140 | 174
11) One Minute Changes E to A 110 | 118 | 136 | 140 | 138 || 148 | 172
12) One Minute Changes D to E 106 | 110 | 100 | 138 | 138 || 156 | 156
13) One Minute Changes E to D 120 | 140 | 126 | 150 | 158 || 142 | 152
14) Peter Gunn Theme
15) Elvis Presley - Hound Dog - 3 times
16) Listen to music and tap foot

I wanted to do it 15 ties till 15 January, but I was playing too much and now I have a blister on tip of my index finger. Until in heals I will plays strum pattern where I strum on 1, strum pattern where I strum on 1 2 3 4 and strum pattern D-DU-UDU. I will also play galop with alternate picking and both alternate and down picking, down picking routine and I will play 40 BPM with metronome, for better timing.

You see my routine. I will write other things that I play too. I play barre chords: F 13321, F min 133111, F7 131211, I started to learn other F7 133241, I play F min7 too 131111. I play A shaped barre chords too like A# x 1333x and x13331, A# min x13321, A7# x13131 and A#min7 x13121. I tried to learn other A#7 x13334, but I am not sure if I should continue to learn it, or to leave it for intermediate level. I play also G 320033, it was hard chord. I play all of those chords 5 minutes. I play A#7 10 minutes. 5 minutes from 1st to 10th fret, and 5 minutes on 11, 12 and 13 fret because frets are small there, and my fingers are very close there.

I also play song: Deftones - My Own Summer, Linkin Park - One Step Closer, Stone Sour - Inhale, RATM - *illing in the name, Sepultura - Slave New World, System Of A Down : Aerials, Roulette and Hypnotize.

Sepultura has some hard transition from down picking to alternate picking. Because of it I play down picking with this video: and everything from this video , every riff 5 minutes: there are time stamps in description. I also play $= BPM with metronome 5 minutes. I will decrease it to 2 minutes.

All advices are welcome. Than you for reading, this is long post. Next posts will probably be shorter, because I will not describe everything that I do.

I think you may be overdoing things. How long has it been since you starting playing? If you fingers are blistering, do you have the calluses built up? IEither way, pretty good sign you are overdoing it and can lead to you not wanting to play or injure yourself. Not too mention, now you can"t use a finger!! Lol

Which direction are you going, and do you use all those chords you are learning or are going to learn in songs now? Because if you are not, you are probably wasting valuable hardrive space. :thinking:. Justin has mentioned this in the lessons.

I’ve been on the JG site for about a year and a half and am only consolidating end of grade 2. Have been playing for a bit, see my Introduction and learning log. There is alot of stuff in there to really bang down correctly. Practice perfectly, because practice nakes permanent! So, slow it down, follow what Justin is saying, other day you were playing simple chords at beginning, now on to 7ths and barre chords? Slow it down, I would say. Try not to be impatient. Barr chords are something most will have to work on. Many have problems with this. Especially keeping the shape and moving it

These questiins must be answered before moving forward. Otherwise down the hole of despair and no end or excellent foundation in place.

Not sore points, if this is the case, then once again you may be overdoing it or have poor posture, technique or foundation and may lead to injury. Stress points, lets say you are muting your strings and practicing old faithful(do you know what this is). Before you even start, ask yourself, are there any parts in my body that are not at rest or ease? If so, try to relax that area.


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My answer will be weird. I found old guitar in the atticc. I think it was 2002, or 2003. I was saving money and I bought electric guitar and amp. I think that it was 2003, or 2004. I was playing basic open chords, power chords and metal songs. I could play some fast solos like The Four Horsemen, Master of Puppets by Metallica. I could play slow solos like Nothing else Matters etc. I could play 5 minutes alone By Pantera. People were dropping jaws when I was doing those things. But I never had guitar teacher. Because of it I learned that here are strumming pattern after 4 years of playing guitar. Then I started to go on college. I was studying a lot. I hadn’t time for guitar. I forgot all fast solos and hard songs. I remember concepts and how to learn them. ( Listen to solo, many times, separate it to parts, learn one part, move to next, when you know it all, play it with song many times). After college I started to play again. Then I stopped to play again. Then I decided to start again, but this time to relearn all song. I learned those that I mentioned. I decided to relearn other songs later. I decided to relearn barre chords too. I started to learn that again in January 2022.

I want to be able to play song covers and also to play my songs. I made some electronic music, music for classical instruments, music for rock/metal/punk band, some hip hop, ambient and experimental music in FL Studio.

I stopped to make music and I was recording all ideas on phone. Now I have more that 5000 files. I have to listen to them all to pick good ideas, but I feel overwhelmed.

You will probably ask me: Why do you learn basic chords? I learned them long time ago. I hold my thumb on side of neck when I play them. But Justin says that it is better to learn them while my thumb is behind neck, like when you play barre chords, to make muscles stronger. Maybe there is some other reason too. I was playing A chord in other way, not like Justin. Now I have to learn chord changes with new A chord.

I need barre chords.

EDIT: Skin on my finger tips is hard. I started to learn from this webpage, I think in September 2023.

So basically you are starting over. What you did know, you no longer know. You have no idea which direction you are going and bouncing all over the place.

It is good to know you have song ideas and wish to write songs. That is a goal that can be worked with. A really excellent one! That comes into play right around when you have all your essential 8 chords into play.

There are other techniques and skills that will allow you to play the faster songs you wish to play. However you need a solid foundation to work with. This is what the first beginner courses are basically based around.

I myself can play and do play me guitar for 3 hours straight now and never get blisters. So something is up there. Find a spot where that doesn’t happen. No fun when you can’t play chords properly. :woozy_face:

You should post a few videos in the AVOYP section. Let’s see them skills! Love hearing em! Will be able to see your form and playing skills and be able to make a better judgement. Not only that, others will advise as well. You need to be realistic with yourself. I don’t think you are being completely honest with yourself or me. A holistic approach is what you are after.

Again, go with the practice sessions that Justin has put out there for you, find out where you are in his lessons and consolidate each module before moving on. It’s done for a reason. What you have is a unholistic approach. Again, if you can do 120 changes in a minute for a couple of chords…Drop that, move on. You will NEVER change that often. Put some PFC’s in there. DROP the anchor finger practice. That is easily handled with PFC practice and OMC. Figure after awhile playing that would be obvious. Don’t know what you are thinking there. It’s not a contest! He even says after about 40 changes you don’t need to practice that anymore!

Pick 5 to 10 songs and get to know them really well. In fact by heart. Make sure they are songs that use mostly the 8 essential chords. Keep it simple for now. But make them fun songs you want to play! This is a key point as well! Not the singing but the chord progressions for sure. To pass grade 1 it is suggested to know 5 songs by heart. Play when you wish without chord sheet. This will mean that you will more than likely be playing all 8 essential chords by the end of grade 1 in these songs. Elvis Presley is a far cry from the songs you were playing before. An excellent choice though and excellent to start out!!.:+1:

You are in no real position to be practicing E shape bars or A shape bars yet. Know your 8 essential chords(A, Am, C, D, Dm ,E, Em and G). These chords will actually help with this as the shapes are used in bar chords. Once you know these, then on to F chord and cheats(Fmaj7, C/Fmaj7 and mini F) This comes in grade 2. Heck I don’t think A shape chords come into play until end grade 3 beginning grade 4(they are even harder to hit). You are in grade 1!! Like I said, sloooooooow waaaaaaaaaay doooooooown. Lol. Pretend what you are, starting over. The wondrous journey has begun anew!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You could very well be a person that could benefit from a one on one class as well. I know that I find at certain points in my journey I needed a good one on one from time to time! Sure helps. Some people more so than others.

Hope your paying attention, and listening. :slightly_smiling_face::love_you_gesture:
Rock on!

I will learn module by module and lesson by lesson. When I finish one module, then I will consolidate it. Only after it I will go to next module. Your advice is good. Maybe I shouldn’t play guitar every day. Maybe I should make pause from it and make something In FL Studio sometimes. I think that I know reasons why I got blister. I was playing whole day at 31. 12. 2023. Frets on my guitar are damaged and strings were making unwanted noise. I gave my guitar to local guy that made few instruments to repair it. He did not want to replace frets, because he was never doing that. He bet rod on neck to increase action. I use thick string 2 years, or more. reasons for blister are high action, to much pressure, hard strings, too much playing.

English is not my first language. It would be good to learn new words. So, what do “holistic approach” and “far cry” mean? Holistic is probably something whole. I m not sure.

You offer lessons?

When I got blister on my finger tip I stopped playing with left hand. I was playing with right hand mostly. I was using left hand for riff where I do not play with finger tips. I plays strum patterns where I strum on 1 and 1 2 3 4. I also play down picking and alternate picking, and galops that make playing Sepultura easier.

I started module 3. I watched videos about rhythm. I watched how to count 1+2+3+4+ and how to play up strums.

Today I started to learn D DUD D strum pattern from module 3.

I will give some time that skin on my finger tips regenerate 100%, then I will play everything that I know, consolidate everything and continue to learn strum patterns from module 2.

Then I will start to learn chords from module 3. Maybe I already play them correctly, I will record video about it.

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Here is a question: I want to upload videos of songs that I play very well. But I also want to upload videos where I ask questions about playing guitar. Should I use 2 different YouTube channels? Maybe I should. Because it will not look good, if I play song perfectly in one video and in next video I ask how to play some chord.

Also how to make video that will attract views?

You could tackle this in a number of ways. I’ll say that I don’t have a YouTube channel aimed at collecting views but I do watch plenty!

Why not have one channel and describe it as your guitar learning journey. That way you can have completed stuff alongside stuff that you’re learning. To my way of thinking this is more interesting than just watching someone play a bunch of songs well. There’s many amazing guitar channels already, so (given that you want to attract views), why would I choose yours over any of the others? You say it won’t look good but at least it’s honest.

I’m no influencer, I don’t do TikTok, I swim against the tide, so maybe do the opposite of what I say!!!

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Now I am not sure, if I should share both channels here, because, people will figure out, that I am bad at guitar.

And why does that matter? Don’t post on YouTube at all if your ego can’t handle criticism!

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Criticism is good. It is good when somebody says what you should improve. Thank you for advice.

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I suppose the one disadvantage of putting unfinished stuff on YouTube (particularly if you don’t describe it as a learning journey) will be the criticism probably won’t be constructive, it will be keyboard warriors getting their kicks.
If you want useful feedback on a particular song then you’re more likely to get that in these forums where at least it will come from other people who have been along the same road

I have a question. I learned basic chords A, D, E, Amin, E min, D min, C and G long time ago. But I played them differently. I made pause, so they aren’t perfect. I was never holding my thumb behind neck when I played those chords. I was holding it somewhere between top and the middle of the neck, or on top of the neck. Justin teaches us that we should put thumb behind neck, to develop muscles, that are needed to play barre chords. I already know 9 barre chords and I learn 10th.

Other differences are that I play d min with 1 2 and 3 fingers, he plays with 1 2 and 4. I don’t know that shape, Should I learn it, or skip it? Is my shape is o.k. ?

Other thing that is confusing to me is why do we have to learn basic chords with thumb behind neck, and later to put it on top of the neck? Why do I have to learn same thing 2 times? Is it good for muscle memory?

I knew D with thumb somewhere between top and back of neck, now I play it with thumb behind neck.

My A is different too. I learned traditional A chords, where 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers are in one line and thumb is on top of the neck. And he teaches his shape in module 1 where fingers are in different shape and thumb is behind neck.

He teaches us to put thumb behind neck and he does it only when he plays D chord.

When I play Mavericks - Dance The Night Away my thumb hurts, because it is whole time behind neck, like when you play barre chords.

I checked module 3, I know A min and E min chords, with thumb on top, and according to this course I should place it behind neck? I tried changes between those 2 chords while I hold thumb on top and I made 168 changes in one minute, and if I hold it behind neck I made 140 changes and there was silence between those 2 chords and my hand started to hurt after 50 seconds. It seems like I am much better when I play when my thumb is on top.

I was playing G chord like this 320003, later I learned 320033. Justin plays it like this 3x0003, I want to learn that shape.

So I am confused now. Where should I place my thumb? Should I learn A min and E min chords with thumb behind neck? Or should I skip it and play them like I played them always ,with thumb on top of the neck?

Now my chords are mixed. I play E min, and A min with thumb on top of the neck. D min with thumb somewhere between top and back of the neck, traditional A chord with thumb on top of the neck, Justin’s A chord with thumb behind neck, E chord somewhere between top and back of the neck, but when I play Elvis Presley - Hound Dog from module 2, My thumb is mostly behind neck.

Should I hold my thumb all time behind neck and relearn other 5 chords that way? I know them with thumb on top. Justin’s A behind neck, traditional A with thumb on top.

What happens in grade 2? Do we place thumb behind neck while we learn all those chords: stuck 3 and 4 chords, slash chords, power chords, suspended chords, power chords and 7th chords?

I see that Justin always holds his thumb on top of the neck.

What should I do? I started module 3. All advice is welcome. I am frustrated.