Metallica - Enter Sandman (Rythm guitar | full song)

Ey there :metal::guitar:

This is Edgar with a new AVOYP. This time is the turn for my song for Module 12 :blush:. A lot of power chords and palm mute here :smiling_imp:.

I’m pretty happy with the result even though I lose the tempo from time to time :sweat_smile:. It happens to me a lot while palmuting and when my new friend Lars Ulrich stops playing.

Changing from distortion to clean is another point of difficulty, and all of that with the pressure of wanting to do it in just one take! :scream:. I’ve figured out today why musicians record songs in several takes :joy:. And they are professionals!

For this song I put a bit more work into getting a similar sound, and to accomplish that, I’ve discovered that Metallica sounds is all about Bass, and Highs with little Middles

In case you are curious I’ve used a ENGL Powerball profile with this settings:

  • Gain: 6
  • Bass: 8
  • Middle: 3
  • Treble: 8

Hope you enjoy, and make some of you to headbang :metal::guitar:


That is a mega one-take Edgar.
It takes really honed skill to play tight riffs and power chords tight in time on tracks like this.
You mention losing the tempo sometimes.
You’re a harsh critic of yourself (we all are).
Remember to also look at all of the many good points too.


Super impressive Edgar. In short, a professional performance I reckon. Losing tempo? Not on this end.
Just a super tight, top notch display there mate.

Cheers, Shane


Oh man I was really keen to see is your cat going to jump when you go to full distortion :joy: shame he/she got away before!

Tone was bang on, your rhythm was very good as well haven’t noticed much issues along the way. Consistent play and looks like you really cracked it wide open! Again tone was superb.

So… when you gonna get to the solo bit? :grin: all the best and with this sort of one take should we book you a slot at next Community Open Mic? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Open Mic 008 - Call for interest


Wow Edgar!! That was insane :fire::fire::fire:

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Amazing playing and great sound! Such a great song and you did an excellent job. Lowering the mid is actually extremely common in metal. It’s sometimes referred to as “scooping the mid”.

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That sounded so good, Edgar, I’d be thrilled to play that with that tone.

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You made an excellent job of that Edgar, rock on buddy :love_you_gesture:t2: :love_you_gesture:t2: :love_you_gesture:t2:

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Tremendous, Edgar. If I shut my eyes I’d figure I was listening to Metallica (not knowing the song so well in my musical memory to detect the differences. Fabulous tone and groove.

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Wow, that was an impressive ‘one take’. I could not discern your playing from the backing track. Nice!

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Hi Edgar,
I echo all the good that has been said above…Great man,you should be really proud of yourself :spades: :zap: :metal: :skull:
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Wow, that was great!

Only Module 12 and you managed to sound like one of those guys in the guitar shop - I mean it as a compliment - (“hey, no Stairway”). Show this to you friends - you are a proper guitarist.

I am Module 8 (Wish You Were Here riff) and this gives me great inspiration - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel if it means I could do this in a measurable amount of time. Keep it up.

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That was really awesome!!! That dont look easy either! As richard said your your own worse critic, but I thought you did sweet!! Good job!! I would love to learn how to play this… If i had an electric lol.

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All in ONE take? GREAT job man!
Tight, on point and well paced.

Start a band and get rolling!

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You rock Edgar. That was fantastic. You should be really proud of yourself. If I was to close my eyes and listen, I would never have guessed it was a BG2 Playa playing. It sounded up there with the best of em to me. I’ve just started Module 12 today and not really that much of a Metallica Fan. Therefore, I was a bit hesitant about learning enter sandman as part of the practice routine. But after seeing your performance of it you have totally inspired me to give it a chance and give it my best effort. So hold your head up high, you done great mate.

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Awesome job man - sounded tight!

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Not a metal fan but that was terrific Edgar. Super tone and distortion. Tight and on time throughout. Well done!

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Thank you Richard :blush:, Yes I’m really happy with the result, and reading all your responses is making me even happier.

We have to criticize ourselves to push further, didn’t we? :blush:.

Many many thanks, sclay, for your words :pleading_face:. Really glad you enjoyed

:rofl: The poor little one is used to hearing me with distortion from the last 2 months. What I don’t know is how I haven’t been attacked yet by her for disturbing her naps :smirk_cat:

Thank you, mate!

Wow, that would be insane being able to play that solo, or something similar to it :joy:

That would be great! But I don’t have the gear to stream my playing yet. I promise I’ll buy it before the end of the year

I thought the forum could use some headbang here​:metal::guitar:. Than you!

Thanks, Alexis! To be honest, I had no idea, and this song is the one that taught me that. Was a good experience to play with the settings, trying to understand a bit more what everything does to the tone.

Much appreciate you took the time to listen to my cover, Mari. Thank you!

Thank you, Darell. Rock on! :metal:

@DavidP, @TheCluelessLuthier, I think these are of the greatest compliments I could read! Thank you!

I am, I am :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And all of you, the community, are making me be even prouder with your support. Thank you!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yes, yes. I’ll take it as compliment. Don’t worry

Wish You Were Here is such a good riff :smiling_face_with_tear:. Really glad my take on this song inspired you or gave you some extra burst of motivation. If I can do anything to ease your way through this song let me know! In fact, you’ve given to me the idea of editing the post to add some extra info, like the backing track I used and some changes I made to the Justin’s lesson

Rock on!! :metal::guitar:

Thank you Byron! Well in that case you know the solution :rofl:. I’m buying my firts acoustic this summer :roll_eyes:

Many thanks, Lieven. One take but 2 months torturing my girlfriend and my cat with this song :rofl:

Thank you, James. I really am :blush:.

Sorry, but I didn’t get this :sweat_smile:. What is a BG2 Playa playing?

You should really try it, is such a great tune for power chords and palm mute. I’m sure the first time you manage to play the intro with a backing track you’ll enjoy it so much. You don’t have to learn the whole song, but the intro is guitar history! :blush:

Thanks, Kasper! :metal::guitar:

Special thank you for hearing my cover then :blush:.

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Beginners Grade 2 Player. You played that song like someone way further up the learning curve :wink:

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I’m learning this song currently and I can hear your cover is awesome. You’re really grooving and I was moving head with you for the whole duration of the song. :smiley: :guitar: :metal:

Anyway, the song is very fun to play and it’s clearly visible you’re having lots of fun. :smiley:

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