Open Mic 008 - Call for interest

UPDATE: SEEMS THE DATE WILL BE 21st MAY 2022 at 19:30 UTC !!! :fire::fire::guitar::guitar:

Well folks last one was a blast so let’s do another one shall we? Or at least let’s save the date and see where it leads us! I don’t mind guys picking up the torch this time in running the post, putting names down etc however might need some help with timezones :joy:

Plenty of debuts on the last one so hoping again to see some more new faces as well :blush:

Sign up in comments section for audience or performer and lets keep the impetus rolling. Nice graphics to follow as it’s late to do it now :grinning:

I’ll publish a bump nearer the time and updates on the run in, as we did this year.

Please add your UTC timezone or nearest major metropolis, so we can help decide on the best kick off time to accommodate as many as possible. If you are not sure of your timezone, this handy reference table may help (Thx Richard and Toby, good thing I found the old post :grin:).

(For reference - Time Zone Map)

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.

List of performers (LIVE and being updated):

Zone Start Time Name Username Comments
UTC+1 20:30 Stefan SgtColon 1 song
UTC+2 21:30 Kevin KevinKevan 2 songs
UTC+1 20:30 Adrian adi_mrok 2 songs
UTC+2 21:30 Trond tRONd 1 song
UTC+2 21:30 Raphael Mann_und_Mouse 1 song
UTC+2 21:30 Toby TheMadman_tobyjenner 1-2 songs
UTC+1 20:30 Eric eric.lennon 2 songs
UTC+1 20:30 Iain iainism 1 song
UTC+1 20:30 Dave liaty 1 song
UTC-4 15:30 Mari & Krista mari63 1 song
UTC-4 15:30 Phil Peejers 1 song
UTC-4 15:30 Mark TheCluelessLuthier 1 song
UTC-4 15:30 John John_In_Dot 2 songs
UTC-4 15:30 Kenny Chench 1 song TBC
UTC-5 14:30 Robert robert.c.1984 2 songs
UTC+10 05:30 JK jkahn 1 song
UTC+10 05:30 Shane sclay 1 song

Audience list (LIVE and being updated):

Zone Start Time Name Username
UTC-4 15:30 Laurie radicalaccordion
UTC-5 14:30 Pam pkboo3
UTC+1 20:30 Brian brianlarsen
UTC+1 20:30 David Durquhart
UTC+1 20:30 Gordon sairfingers
UTC+1 20:30 Ian theoldman66
UTC-4 15:30 Mike mdsousa
UTC+1 20:30 Ben benzi21
UTC+1 20:30 Zed ZedExDM
UTC+1 20:30 Nancy Billca
UTC+1 20:30 Jason Rossco01
UTC+1 20:30 Emma VirtualM
UTC+1 20:30 Luka glpguitar
UTC-6 13:30 Joshua Jamolay
TBC TBC Tim Tim1350
UTC-4 15:30 Karen Karende
UTC+1 20:30 John Willsie

It sure was, Adrian. Thanks for taking the baton to run the event. Happy to help with the timezones in need :grin:

When you setup the table and start looking at start time I think it works best to anchor the event in UTC ie not UK time. I think that makes it as easy simple as it can be for people to check their time zone relative to UTC and just add or subtract their adjustment.

I’ll be happy to perform and can determine number of songs (0,1,2) based on the participation. Hopefully it will continue the positive trend with all the first-timers returning and more folk making debuts.

City is Johannesburg, South Africa, time zone is UTC+2 (no mess, no fuss, with fiddling up with moving the clocks backwards or forwards)

My desire now is that we reach a point where we have OM 008-East and OM 008-West, to accommodate members from as far as the west coast USA/Canada and the east coast Australia (New Zealand anyone?) at reasonable times, with participants from EMEA split to balance numbers.

Just putting it out there!!


Im in. Sign me up.


Guess I’m hooked now :man_shrugging:t2:
I’m in.


Righto. Enough of this muckin about. Sign me up now before I change my mind. :stuck_out_tongue::nerd_face:
UTC +10


I’m in. UTC +1


Happy to do a late late or morning session…


Depending on the date selected, Can you put me down for 1 song. UTC +2


1 song UTC+2

I am happy to do this on a time that makes it easier for the ones thats in a very different timezone.
In the morning, middle of the day does not matter to me :grin:


UTC+2, sorry.
I’ll do 2 songs, that way I’ll try to practice different things.


Good man Adrian. I love how these open mic events bring our community together and how the organisational aspects also become a team effort.
:+1: :+1: :+1:



You beat me to it :rofl: I was going to punt the CFI out later today. Shout if you need assistance.

14th makes a it 6 weeks, so keeps the consistent approach. Might have another go :thinking:


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OK guess I should add UTC+2 Paris.
2 songs max but with the usual caveat in respect of the number of performers.

You can sign me up, I feel I need some extra motivation to focus on songs. :innocent:

UTC+2 Budapest


Lots of conflicts in May and June for me so we’ll just have to see what date it lands on to participate!

I’m UTC -5…Rod

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Yes but how many songs and what’s your timezone? :rofl:


I’m interested to have another go depending on final date and time and space etc. UTC+1for 1 song. In terms of time slot - later in the line up might be better for me if that’s ok.

For those reading and wondering whether to give it a try for first time - definitely consider it!

Thanks! :grinning:



Yes put me down but I have a feeling the final date in May won’t work as we’ll be on holiday.


Thanks Al sure no problem I will keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Jason seems like it’s one of the middle Saturdays in May, will keep the poll opened for a while will see what we end up with.

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I’m interested in attending but just as audience for now. Maybe I’ll get braver in the future…