Metallica - One | Cover (work in progress)

Hi @nzmetal

I don’t have too much to add to the praise you’ve already received, so I’ll just say that I’d love to hear a finished version including all solos.

This is a song I’d love to learn, together with Master of Puppets and several from Kill’em All (my favourite Metallica album) but right now I’m working on other stuff, so it will probably take years before I even start on this one. So many songs, so little time (& skills)…

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Hahahaha!! From another world!
Not quite sure if i find any even if i really really looked.
Not even sure Mr. Hammet and Mr Hetfield could find much…

Nah. Seriously Jeff… some people are just ment too do music. I know that most of us can do music with a lot of excersise etc.etc…But this is just another level :fire::fire::fire:

Just out of curiosity. How long have you been playing?
You have this just as a hobby?

Im in awe🙌🏻

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Thanks so much @Metalbrain & @tRONd!! Really appreciate you guys checking this out and for your kind words! :smiley: :+1:

Nice! Such a great album and some awesome tracks on there to learn! :metal: Four Horseman is one of my fav tracks and I’m keen to learn that properly one day. Hope you find time to also learn some of those tracks too, I’d love to see you play them!! :metal:

:rofl: lol! Thanks mate!

Well, I have been messing around with guitar for quite a while (first picked one up in my teens) but never really took it seriously until the past couple of years (started from scratch on Justin’s beginner course last year to help with forming structure to my practice) however, yeah, I have played for a while I guess :wink: and songs like this tend to be what I spend the majority of my time on rather than other things (like proper technique!) that I probably should be learning :joy:
I put a bit of my background into a recent thread here: What got you into your guitar journey.
Guitar’s just a hobby at the moment but have a longer term goal of either doing some recording or forming a band and doing gigs (or maybe both? :thinking:). However no real progress on either yet and the latter has proven really tricky as I don’t know anyone with the time and interest to form a band at the moment unfortunately.
Thanks again for checking this out, really appreciate it!! :metal:

@nzmetal this is awesome!! And justice for all is such a good album! I love that u added the acoustic guitar too🤘

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Thanks Tuva!! :grinning::+1: Really appreciate you checking it out! This is a super fun one to play, kinda of a mix of styles that makes it really interesting. You have exceptional taste in music! Looking forward to seeing what you’re learning next! :metal:

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