Metronome Whole Song

Lessons on metronome use cover playing along with simple strumming or scales. I can’t find a lesson on playing a whole song with intro., verse, chorus, instrumental and ending.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. The lessons teach you how to play in time with a metronome, using strumming and scales as you mention. From there, you just set a metronome to the BPM of a song you want to play, and then… play the song in time, just like you did with your strumming and scales. There’s literally no difference, other than playing an actual song will likely be harder initially. I don’t think it really requires a dedicated lesson.

As Goffik says, you can just play the entire song with the metronome, however I’d suggest for complete songs, swap to at least a basic drum beat.

I’ve used various options over the years, but having not used any for a long time, I just done a quick search. This - Online drum machine | Musicca looks like a nice simple option, but there are probably hundreds of options out there.

Next more complicated would be a generic backing track (youtube contains hundreds if not thousands of drum backing tracks), and then a proper backing track for the song.