Mic clips - Altering?

Hi there.

A very odd question here.

I have a mic stand that I orderend and kept because it’s quite versetile.

Sadly it went through a manufacturing change, where the main stem was change for a larger diameter. But ,they forgot to change the bracket that attaches to, that holds a boom arm.

The upper hole is meant to attach to the main stand but it’s now smaller in diameter due to the change.

Now, they did send me another but it was identicle, and I now have 2 lol.
The material is some form of hardened plastic but I have no idea how I can increase the radius and the cutout.

I’ve read that people who have pushed it have snapped the bracket , some tried heating it with no change.

Approx 1 to 1.5mm needed or .75mm max radius increase

Does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this.


That’s a tough question ya got there Rachael.

If I’m understanding correct. You want that empty hole in the pic to be larger in diameter.
It don’t look like a round hole from the pic. It looks like it’s flat on the bottom, and a 3/4’s of a rectangle with rounded corners.
Only way I can think of enlarging that hole would be to use a dremel type tool with a grinder on it. free hand grind it. It’ll be rough when done, but perhaps usable?
It appears you may be able to take it apart to get at the 3 sides of the rectangle. That would be helpful if you could.
I’d leave the flat side alone and only concentrate on the 3 sides of the rectangle.

Hope I understood the question correct.

In lieu of a dremel type tool.
A drill would work too.
Get a rotary file/grinder for the drill at the hardware store.

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Close, but i still got the idea of a large round file. heres a better image.

Material is about 3mm thick

Thinking abuout it ,At the very least I need to widen the gap to fit the new main stem Dia. Depth will not be as important because it compresses against a rubber disk for grip. It will still do that but will have a larger gap between the two . Which doesn’t matter .

As long as it grips the main upright stem it will clamp , and hence hold a mic boom in place. !