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I saw a few post related to learning log and I decided to set one up. I was asked after an open mic a couple of weeks ago to do a 30-40 minute set, a bit like an open mic on steroids! So plan is to establish enough songs to do an interesting set list of songs I can play and sing up to a performance level. Content will be videos of practice sessions, so there will be mistakes and plenty of scope for some constructive criticism.

UPDATE 9/09/2024
Wanted to set some clear goals to aim for and record them here:

Short term: 6 weeks today at 13.15 i will be doing a 30-40 minute set at The SoundHouse in Leicester as part of their “Winter Sessions” These sessions are a bit like an open mic but longer, and I was asked by them to do a set after performing at their regular open mic. So for 30-40 minutes I could need up to 12-13 songs ready to go depending on the length.
Songs I have at the moment I could probably perform are:
Wild Wood
You do Something to Me
Rocket Man
To Love Somebody
Jolene (Ray Lamontagne version)
What are you listening to (Chris Stapleton)
Wild Horses
True Love Waits (Radiohead)
Why does it always Rain on Me?
Say Hello Wave Goodbye
Wichita Lineman

Ive already performed all these at open mics

with A bit of work I could also include
Last Night (I got Loaded) - Los Lobos version is the one I know
Come on Lets Go
Love is a Losing Game ( ive done this at open mic)
Guitar Man (Ive done this at open mic)
Dont dream its Over
Fall at Your feet
Brown Eyed Girl

I would like to do some fingerpicking songs but the nerves tend to affect me and I miss a few notes, possibilities here are

These Days ( Jackson Browne Acoustic version, I can definitely do this)
If you Could Read My Mind
English Rose (the Jam)

The only issue I have with these is they are all very similar in Tempo apart from I Got Loaded and Come on Lets Go.

I think first priority is to decide on a set list of 15 mx and get it down to 12 definite by the 20th September so 10-11 days

TO do this Im setting up a YT channel called Mikes Learning log, and I will be posting practices for the open mic on there and in here when I do them.

Medium and long term goals will follow

Here is the new YouTube channel to help me keep my log together and organised
And this is the type of stuff I will post, normally throgh an audio interface but bless me, I forgot to plug it in!

UPDATE 29-09-23
I’ve shifted my short term focus to some original songs I wrote and recorded in 2019 but never played live. I have 4 at least that I can perform pretty confidently off the bat and might try and work up one more to include in my set for the 21st October.
I’ll do some performance videos hopefully this weekend and post them on the forum.

UPDATE 21/10/2023
Today was the day and it went pretty well, I performed at the Soundhouse Sessions in Leicester with the following set list
Pretty Flamingo
Witchita lineman
If you could read my mind
Could it be forever *
Wild Wood
Early Morning Rain
These Days
Make me Yours*

*= Originals
Organisers Favourite was Lucky, my wife’s favourite was Falling🙂

So I’m a very happy chappie :+1:
Now moving onto some Electric practice, rock and blues


Great stuff Mike, open mics are a great learning experience and can be heaps of fun amongst the frustrations of getting over nerves and such.

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Hi @tony thanks! Just read your learning log, hopefully I will have a story to tell to match yours one day :+1: Thanks again for the word of encouragement!

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