Michael's Third Gig

Well it is that time of year and at the Guitar Club, we did our usual Christmas Concert.

I was in one of the two groups that performed and had less than two months to learn and sing the following 10 songs.

• Let your love shine through at Christmas – based on Bellamy Brothers song
• Let it snow
• Winter Wonderland
• Little Drummer Boy – Peace on Earth
• Frosty the Snow Man
• White Christmas
• Marys Boy Child – Oh my Lord
• Driving home for Christmas
• I wish it could be Christmas everyday
• Merry Xmas Everybody

A bit of a challenge for me as under Justin’s categorisation I would only be an ‘Advanced Beginner’, as I have just started Grade 3.

There was an official video taken but not had a copy of that yet, but here are some clips my wife took. https://youtu.be/DYrV2AWAW78?si=pkVvGTYgIQacP4ab
I am the one in the red top.



Hi Michael,
Happy third Gig :sunglasses: :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:

That’s a nice list of songs… great to see you on stage :sunglasses:

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Bravo, Michael, good to see you up on stage playing with others.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Well done Michael. Looked (and sounded) like everyone had a good time.

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Looks like a lot of fun Michael, congrats on another gig which must be boosting your confidence. Have a great Xmas !

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Fabulous Michael, well done. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Well done Michael. That’s quite a comprehensive Christmas song list you’ve learned. Looks like you all had fun. :smiley:

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Terrific performance Michael. Merry Xmas.

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Guitar club looks great, Michael.
Folks singing along and having a good time. Well done! :guitar:

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This was so much fun to watch and I bet it was even more enjoyable to play! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to see the whole recording. Happy Christmas!

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Congratulations on the fantastic gig. 10 songs in 2 months sounds like a lot indeed. Great job. :slight_smile:

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Great to see you up there performing with your guitar club. Congratulations on another performance with the club.

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Good on you Michael! I haven’t even done my first gig yet. Gotta say - who let a drummer and a bass player into your guitar club? :rofl:

Now it’s a band :smiley:

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Roger @roger_holland

We tried to make a set that people could sing along with if they wanted to and they did for some of them. It was not meant to be Carols but a collection of traditional songs and contemporary pop songs, although I am not sure how Slade and Wizard fitted into that category as they were first released nearly 50 years ago but do get an airing every year.

David @DavidP

Getting up a playing on stage was actually an enjoyable experience, not nervous at all perhaps it is just my age. Of course, what you don’t see is the hours of practice I and the others have put in. But I think this period of intense practice is good for your overall development as you know there is a deadline rapidly approaching.

Jason @Rossco01

Thanks, I think everybody had a good time and people seem to accept that we are just amateurs. As the leader of Club said at the beginning of the performance, most of the performers were just playing at home only a few years ago, have now progressed to playing in front of an audience. I think it was to allow for any mistakes we might make, I am sure there were some.

Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Thanks Toby I think having done two before knew how to prepare and perform but always room to improve.

I seemed to have missed out the steppingstone of performing at a Community OM and moved onto playing in front of live audience, face to face, but will have to do an OM in 2024

Alan @Alan_1970

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Gordon @sairfingers

I had an input into choosing some of the songs on the list, those towards the end. Although not sure Driving Home for Christmas was necessarily a good choice, lovely song but quite hard to come up with an interpretation for guitar as the piano melody is so prominent in the original. Justin’s lesson helped but still quire a challenge, if I am honest not sure we pulled it off.

Johnny @JohnnyW

Thanks Johnny

David @BurnsRhythm

I think I am very fortunate to have such a club on the doorstep. Quite a range of abilities but the more experienced players accept us beginners, which is good. I do watch some of them and how easy it looks changing chords and doing quite complicated rhythm.


Thanks for listening

Kamil @kamkor

Yes, ten songs were quite a challenge when only one I had done before and then it was a different version.

Happy holidays to all of you and everybody in the community.

Michael :christmas_tree::lotus:


James @Socio

Thanks for comments as I said above very fortunate to be part of such a club.

JK @jkahn

I know the drummer and bass player sneaked in.

Actually, the bass player normally plays an acoustic and is very good, but to make a bit of band he always volunteers to play bass, he might really be a secret bass player at heart.
The drummer is actually known to the leader of the club and plays in a band, he just comes along at the last practice or in our case the night. The church has the electronic drum set, I am sure he would wish to play his own, but not really room on the stage.

I know getting the opportunity to play in front of an audience is not possible for everybody and count myself very fortunate.


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Congratulations on another gig. Looked a lot of fun and must have done your confidence a good boost. People singing along must be a good feeling to.

Thank Trevor @skinnyt
Yes it was good fun.
Michael :christmas_tree: