Michael's version of Ripple

Well I have been promising for a while to put up another AVOYP so here it is. This is my version of Ripple by The Grateful Dead, https://youtu.be/zQFvEO-oDsg?si=GQh3lAzc9JzHXo5N one we actually did at the guitar club recently and I really liked the song.

Some comments
• First recording using a condenser mic for the guitar and dynamic mic for Vocals, 2i2 into laptop and recorded using OBS. Still at the early stages of getting the balance right between guitar and vocals.
• I did record a version played with a pick but listening back I think playing with a thumb suits the song.
• I thought I was coming down with a cold and when recorded this, I was right as my vocal range was not normally what it is at the higher range and as expected I developed a cold the next day.
• This is the first time I have recorded me playing and singing with a chord sheet in front of me, for an AVOYP. I know the song quite well but not good enough to do it from memory, having given this a try it opens up a lot more songs to put up. I suppose it should be no surprise to me int that I managed to do it as at the Guitar Club Performances that is what I have done. Of course, on those occasions you are playing with others, so you know where you are most of the time and you go along with them.

All comments positive or negative welcome, I am thick skinned.


Good on you Michael. Your progress is showing. The beginning was the best bit.

I reckon some strumming dynamics and separately practicing the vocals would liven the song up.

BTW - your efforts on your recording setup seem to be pretty good, the guitar and voice were both clear and well balanced.

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Good job Michael ! Maybe some dynamics on the strumming like stated above would bring this song alive. Michael good to hear some stuff from you. Keep up the good work .

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Nice share Michael and good to see another AVOYP from you. The quality of the recording with the mic combination is really good and you’ve got the balance between the two spot on imo. Also like the thumb strumming with this it’s a good deal softer and suits the song well.

The only thing I’d point out to work on is that the tempo seemed to fluctuate a little throughout, not majorly but noticeable in a couple of spots. More practice time on any song will fix that, or a dreaded click track in your ear!

Most enjoyable, bring us more!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, JK @jkahn

Yes, it is one of my songs that needs more work, but don’t they all.

You mention the first part and I presume you mean the little melody bit. Don’t know if you know the song but the intro is 16 bars with basically the same chords as the verse but strumming and picking out the melody notes, which is a new technique for me and got about 4 bars learnt so far, but here I only played 2 bars. As Justin says adding all 16 bars would be my ‘Dreamer’ version.

Jeff @Jwaters

You are right the guitar needs a bit more dynamics, early days with using my thumb but something to work on.

Mark @Notter

Yes, just getting the hang of this involved recording with different mics etc. One thing I need to look at is the positioning of the stands, it looks as though I am trying to hide behind them.

You mention variable tempo, it is one of my failings but on this occasion, it may have been because at some parts of the song I need to read the chords and lyrics off the sheet so that affected it. I know some have a metronome on in the background, but I have tried that, and it seems to put me off more than it helps.


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The tempo will come as you get the song properly embedded then, no major issue and as you say above practice yields results!

Regarding the mic stands, I thought the balance and levels were good so if anything I’d move the camera to a different spot rather than the mics :+1:

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Mark @Notter
I see what you mean, just watched JK and you see more of him playing rather than all the kit.


Keeping the stuff out the way is hard, just experiment a bit and you’ll figure something out.

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Hi Michael. I agree with you that the thumb strum suited this song. What I think is needed is a more interesting and dynamic strum pattern.

Wow you’re right into all the kit now! I thought your vocal/guitar balance was good. Seems like only yesterday you were asking me about where to put your iPhone for the best results. :smiley:

My advice is don’t play from a chord sheet. I think some of the feel of a song gets lost if you are reading lyrics and chords.
Well done.

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Nice job Michael. I agree with the others that that the thumb strumming really suited this song and if you mix up the strumming/ tempo just a little then you have a winner. :+1::sunglasses:

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Hi Michael,
More dynamics in playing and singing is the magic word as described by our forum members above… your recording gear is ready for it looks and sounds good :sunglasses:… good luck and it will grow nice from this basis :sunglasses:

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Hello Michael, good to see and hear another recording from you :smiley:.
Your improvement is obvious - as well the playing but also your singing :clap:. Are you still taking singing lesson?
I like your strumming. It looked very relaxed.

Well, I haven’t had the impression, that you tried to hide behind the stands, but I would have loved to see your fretting hand :blush:. But as Mark @Notter suggested, try to use another camera position instead of moving the mics :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’d like to echo Gordon’s tip. It makes such a difference for the whole flow of the song, when you’re able to play and sing it from memory :smiley:.

I’m looking forward to your next one :blush:.


Gordon @sairfingers
You are right the song needs more dynamics, I was probably doing too much by not playing the song from memory and reading things off the page, but I wanted to get it recorded before I lost my voice.

Yes, seem to have the right kit, when I started to learn guitar just over two years ago, I didn’t realise that I would have to learn the skills need for a “Studio Recording Engineer” as well.

Eddie @Eddie_09
Yes, strumming with your thumb is right for the song when you are just playing by yourself.

Roger @roger_holland
Dynamics is the big takeaway from this AVOYP, something to work on

Nicole @NicoleKKB
Thanks, I would like to think my playing and singing is improving
Yes, I am still taking singing lessons, hope you can tell. I am never going to be a good singer but if I can do enough when singing with guitars around that’s a success. I have overcome the well-known dislike of your own voice and just accept that’s the way it is. Worked through singing most of the songs I play or currently want to play on the guitar. Now doing songs out of my comfort zone, both in terms of vocal range and varying tempo thorough a song, a lot of Michael Bublé songs are like that, he is baritone like me but has a much greater range than me into bass and tenor range, so doing some of his songs are a real challenge.

I think it was a bit tongue in cheek about hiding behind the stands but as suggested I need to have the camera in a different posting so the viewers can see more.

I follow the suggestion of only playing from memory but that would limit what I could do with only six I am confident to do with probable another 30 or 40 that I can and have done from a chord sheet in front of me mostly for the chords not the vocals.