Michela&Silvia Duets - Hallelujah

@LBro @Eddie_09 @DavidP @NicoleKKB Thank you all so much, we both are very glad you enjoyed this…Michela says you’re all so very kind and is delighted with your feedback! :blush: David, we are singing together in the chorus of another song but we’re not ready to record it yet, because I’m messing up the guitar part all the time :joy:


What a lovely duet, superb guitar play and vox, well done ladies! :clap:

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Ooooh, keep working on it and you’ll be recording it soon enough and I can wait.

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Hi Michela & Silvia,

Proper classic given a lovely rendition.
Very nice playing and excellent vocal.
Sounds great this sunny Sunday morning.


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That was lovely Silvia and Michela. Wonderful playing and singing. One to be very proud of and it’s been nice to be able to follow your progress on this one Silvia.

It did mess with my mind at first when playing and singing started and nothing moved on the screen. :smiley:

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