Microsnout's Learning Log

Start of new road case…
(I don’t think I will copy all posts from the old forum but maybe just some content - another day.)

Firstly, I am very happy to see this new Discourse based design. I remember reading about Discourse 7 or 8 years ago when the project was just getting started. I agreed with the designers that current forum software was obsolete and in dire need of a redesign. I have never had a chance to use it until now however because unlike most software you can’t just decide to update what you use - if the forums you are interested in use decades old software you are stuck with it. So I am hopping this change leads to a bright future for the community.

As for guitar practice, nothing to report really, I have been a bit discouraged and idle in the past few months. I have at least practiced things I already know enough to prevent slipping backwards too much. Perhaps the new community will inspire a fresh start to learning new skills. I am starting a new band project in Jan of several Beatles songs but I will be the drummer as usual.

Being discouraged and idle didn’t supress Gear Acquisition Syndrome thankfully. About a year ago I bought an Epiphone ES-339 in Pelham blue with the intention of rebuilding the electrics with some Seymour Duncan pickups and new push-pull pots but the guitar was new and just too nice to gut the interior so soon.

so… I bought a used Epi ES-335 (Dot actually) in cherry red for this project. Now I have the small and regular size Epiphone Semi-hollow. Some of the hardware has been replaced by black pieces by previous owner but that will match the new pickups.

Not sure yet what I think of the full es-335 size yet.


Those are beautiful. I’m a sucker for blue guitars, so that first one really catches my eye.

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I laughed a lot when I read this Barry. Your guitars are beautiful, I hope we get to hear you playing them.

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Good to hear from you, Barry.

The guitars look fabulous.

Good luck with the band project and hope the new Community relights the fire to play and learn.

And nothing wrong with playing for pleasure without pressure to keep learning new things in my book. Maybe just record a song on one of those new guitars and post in AVOYP.

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Hi Barry and there’s nothing wrong with gas if that is the result. Those 335s are chunky monkeys but I don’t think twice when switching over to one of the Washburn clones these days. That 339 is drop dead gorgeous ! :sunglasses:

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