Midi controller for S-Gear

Hey Guys,

Have a need to get a footswitch midi controller for my setup, which is
Scarlett 2i2 into PC, using S-Gear amp sim suite, Reaper.

Fairly basic initial need of changing presets, A/B amp selection, maybe some basic pc automation etc. Assuming I would need USB connectivity, but are the bluetooth only ones OK? Have always been sus on bluetooths reliability. Dont really play through an amp anymore, and dont own any pedals. Both not likely to change anytime soon. Home use only.

Have been doing some research in recent weeks, as I dont know too much about either footswitches or MIDI. So looking for an entry point unit that will suit.

One thing I do know is they can get expensive real quick. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:
Can anyone recommend any they may be using, have used etc, with amp sims, daws, Guitar Pro etc.
Thanks for any input.

Cheers, Shane


I haven’t used any, but before I went down the amp path (when I was using amplitube and posted asking about it), @Majik suggested the Xsonic Airstep.

It says it does USB connectivity, probably worth checking out.

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Maybe have a look at this one

I’ve been thinking about this one since I came across 10% discount code.

They also do a cheaper cabled original one.

Thanks JK.
Yep, if $$ werent a factor I would already have bought this one.
But @ $240 AUS for the lite version, and @ $320 AUSfor the standard, I cant justify it.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks James.
Have seen this one, and looks a great unit
At @250AUS, its unfortunately a no from me.

Cheers, Shane

It was at this point of looking for pedals for PC control that I ended up going down the amp path because it was cheaper for what I was trying to do. :scream: Not outright cheaper than just the pedal, but all up.

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What about a behringer FCB1010?

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Got the m-vave Chocolate real cheap (about $30?) to do some preset switching on my Mod Dwarf

might needs some tinkering but it has a built in battery, you can connect via bluetooth and an app to change settings.


Thanks mate.
These are one of the cheapy ones I saw and was wondering if they were OK, or just rubbish. Thanks for the practical info.

Cheers, Shane

Wow ! The M-Vave Chocolate seems to be 30$ on Aliexpress right now. And the behringer FCB1010 seems to be about 250$ CAD with the midi to usb cable.

@sclay Which one did you end up buying ? Is the M-Vave deal too good to be true ?

Also, did the footswitch prove to be useful ?

My GAS is telling me that I need it, but I currently only know one song that would benefit from it (Nirvana - come as you are). It goes from clean to dirty at the middle of the song.

I plan to learn more rock songs in the future, but I don’t know if it’s common for songs to change effects at the middle of the playthrough ? If it’s rare, I may keep my money haha !

I’ve been looking for a foot switch just as a page turner. Of course I then saw what else they could do but for now, I’m wanting low cost. Found the M-Valve Chocolate + wireless dongle for £11 on Aliexpress, pay after delivery and thought what can I lose? Still nervous about using Chinese retailers. Wife had an experience with a buy!

I’ve read some good things about those Mvave’s as a basic midi unit.

Cheers, Shane.

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I’ve been using one of these with a NuX headphone amp and it works really well in that roll.
IMO the only shortcoming is that the app needs to be sideloaded onto your device as it’s not in the Play/App Store.

The Ampero Control is another really nice looking compact 4-button switch with expression pedal input, midi and USB jacks, and tap capability. No battery though which is the one thing that I really like about the cheap M-Vave.

Best price I could find in AUS. :point_down:

Hi Richard are you referring to the App for setting up the mvave? If so, just search for CubeSuite on the App Store for Apple devices.

I should have said Play Store only, I’m on Android and had to sideload.

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