MIJ vs MIM Fender guitars

Couldn’t find anything using the search so i thought i’d open a new can of worms with this question :slight_smile:
Who makes/made the best Fender guitars, FujiGen or Ensenada, generally speaking?

A can of worms indeed.


Period of manufacture?

Too many variables. There are good and great Fenders made at both places. Not many people will have played multiple guitars from both places so anyone answering your question with a lot of first-hand experience and knowledge will be worth listening to - but few and far between. I have played one MIJ briefly and a several USA. I couldn’t direct you to one over the other.
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In my case what triggered the question is i found a MIJ 62 reissue strat locally around £100 cheaper than a new Player series strat. I handled a road worn red Mexican strat in local music store and the fret job was pretty awful… My Harley Benton HB-35 Plus is miles better in that regard… I had a MIJ Geddy Lee Jazz bass some 15 years ago that was awesome, fit, finish and sound wise so i am torn. Originally i had my mind set on a Vintera 60’s but i think i will at least have a look at the MIJ -62 before deciding.

I have played MIM, MIJ and MIA strats and telecasters and of the all my favourites have consistently been the MIJ ones, there’s more consistency in their quality to me. The others that are outstanding to me are the Tokai and the G&L versions of them. Personally I would rather put my money into a G&L or Tokai rather than a Fender.

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