Mike M's Learning Log

This is my initial entry, I’m several months into Justin’s courses and will attempt to catch up here.

GEAR - (2) Epiphone Les Paul’s: Traditional Pro-IV and Joe Bonamassa Custom “Black Beauty”

AMP - Blackstar ID:Core V3, 10 Watt.

QUIET SET-UP - Fender Mustang micro + headphones


I love the Learning Logs, Mike.

That JB Custom sure is a beauty!

Sounds intriguing Mike and plenty to get you started, love to see some pictures :sunglasses:

Most of the way through Beginner Grade 2 and really enjoying the lessons. I have started building a binder divided into: scales, drills, chords, songs, theory, and eBooks. This has really helped me keep things organized.
Starting to try to play songs from the app substituting bar chords for open chords…it is quite a hand workout, even the power chords work hand muscles that the open chords don’t.
Still working on smoother changes to and from the F chord.
Enjoying finger-picking and trying to work more into my practicing…so much stuff to work on I can easily spend 1-2 hours on a practice session…until my hands just get too tired. If I start to get sloppy, I stop, no point in practicing if I’m too fatigued.
Keep on playing!!