MIM standard strat

Just got a pic of work in progress on my little Strat. Later upgrades will be removing the chrome and going for black tuners, bridge and jack plate.
Can’t wait to hear the cobra bare knuckles pick ups, but also fearing it to :joy:


As a fellow Strat owner, I’ll follow your continued customizations with interest. I definitely have ideas of things I might change on mine in the future.

Looking good Stephen !

That looks rather nice! That pick guard is really great it suits the sunburst finish really well. Those pickups……… wowsers they will really growl!!! I had hot rails on a Telecaster once and boy did it rock (wish I’d never sold it but being broke at the time I didn’t have the strength not to sell it)!
Enjoy…. Oh and btw, it’s customary to record something so we can all hear what it sounds like :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you @SocratesDiedTrolling
Yeah it something that interest me, so something I wanted to do before I get another guitar…
Played a MIA tele did feel nice and sound great but was worried as it was not my guitar.
Bit like holding someone new born baby last thing you want to do is drop it!

It was the guy who doing the work on my guitar right now, plus his love for fenders got me to try his MIM strat.
Just feel in love so had to get one, got my MIM second hand for £430 I think?
Makes me laugh to think I’m now spending about that on it again, problem is why she sounds great why wreck it?
Well, I can always buy another, but this one will be a more personal one.
The problem is working out what you want their loads of youtube stuff on pickups.
No one ever seems let down it the best sound there great, some do change their minds.
You think yeah that sounds great but…what amp…what effects… the list goes on.
I’m just testing a road I’ve never been down and aiming for a guitar I love the look of, so pls stay tuned in.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thank you Mad I really need to look at my setting everyone calling me Stephen its Steven lol.

@DarrellW thanks for liking the pick guard, so gutting to hear about your tele :frowning:
I did record something of me playing but only in clean tone to the blackstar HT-5TH, can’t quite remember if I had TC electronic Spark boost pedal on listen to it I think it did.
This vid will be of my bad playing sorry about that, I am learning but hitting the right chord or note can be a pain at times. I will try and add both video together next time when she done.
So this just a MIM strat standard playing right now, well sort of playing.

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Not wrong your end twas I sir ! Apologies.

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Wow, looks nice. Congratulations.

Thanks Tony just listened to your Viking funeral song, wow that’s so cool love it.
I’m now a Tony fan

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thanks, you rock! Haven’t played it for a while, it’s a hoot of a song, gotta put it back into rotation.

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Sorry rant over on the world, simple things gone.

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She in rest mode and he look her over Tuesday so she ready for me to pick up Wednesday……wow it still Monday!


Little MIM strat home now, did a little video.
Just a little messing around and maybe trying to play something.
She seems to of lost that fender twang, what I think been replaced with more punch.
There is a lot more treble and brightness, little unsure how the pick ups help.
As some maybe down to parts not sure on what pots went in, the guy making it not like bareknuckle choice of pots. He knew better and cheaper, the switch was a CLR or CRL and jack plug replaced for a 4 point contact.
I’m happy with the new sound, but also loved her old sound.
The new look I really do love, pic’s I don’t think do it justice.
But the bridge jack plug boat thing and tuners I plan to change to black at a later date.
Neck and middle pick ups on are at the moment sounding so sweet to me.

Anyway, someone playing a guitar badly

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Got the rest of the work on the strat done


That looks very cool, Steven. Are you pleased with it?

Sorry for the long wait in reply back @SgtColon phone being not so smart I could not post a reply.
Am very happy with her and was very happy with her when standard :rofl:

In away now she not like anything your get of a shelve in a shop.
Not saying your not buy better, plus when I think of full cost…Hmm well still not going to buy itt of the shelve.
Cost wise…
£450 for MIM standard strat (great guitar)
Bare knuckles cobra pickup £284 with postage.
Tsuq nut, pots, switch, strings, jack plug, jack boat, locking tuners, bridge, pick guard, black knobs.
Lets say not much change from £350, as there postage on everything lol.
Plus had to pay someone to do it all and setup, going to say £200 but hard to think if it was that much.
Soon all adds up.
But I do love her look and she sounds very nice with the new sound

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Sounds like you did something similar to me: Mim player strat - added locking tuners, Eric Johnson sig pickups, and I even got a new neck since I wanted to swap from Maple to Rosewood fingerboard. Very happy with the result though!